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RIYADH l U/C l Al Obeikan Tower l Hotel (32F)

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-Cost: SR250 Million
-Location: King Fahd Rd. (West of Kingdom Tower)
-Hight: 117M
Five stars hotel with a health and business services centers
Offices for Al-Obeikan Invst. Group
3F for Al-Obikan bookstore
4F Underground for parking

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Great really nice. We read many projects this year. they just allowed this year to build high towers I think we will see more and more!!
it looks nice but is it really under construction?
I think its supposed to be on the west side of Kingdom tower not east. Anyways nice design, finally we can see more projects coming up in Riyadh.
That's an elegant design indeed, thanks CoolSaudi
any further details?
Strangely constructed but attractive none the less
is it really under construction?
According to the article, work has begun..
Do you know where is the exact location?
According to the article, it's one of those lots (most likely the site of the old Obiekan Bookstore building),

CoolSaudi, can you change the location of the project on the first post from East to West of the Kingdom Center.
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There's something under construction here: (they reached the second floor)

I think this is the location because according to ther render, the tower is on the intersection of two roads.
I am not sure yet, if they continue building higher, it means this is it. And I hope this is it, because it will look gret with Al Anoud facing it...
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^^Taken today, May 13th 2008

It's the projct under construction on the right of the photo...(that you can barely see :p)
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:"Al Obeikan Tower",117m ,Mixed Use

Al Obeikan tower^^

Height: 117 m

Consists of Hotel Five Stars, a sports club ,and Center for businessmen .

Location On the road to King Fahd in front of almamlakh tower .

تعتزم شركة مجموعة العبيكان للاستثمار تشييد برج العبيكان بحجم استثماري يزيد على 250 مليون ريال، ويجري الآن العمل على تسوية أرض المشروع بعد أن تم الانتهاء من هدم المباني القديمة للبدء في أعمال حفر القواعد، وسوف يكون هذا البرج أحد المشاريع ذات الطابع المعماري المتميّز لموقعه على طريق الملك فهد مقابل برج المملكة غربًا، الأمر الذي يجعل من البرج الجديد معلمًا حضاريًّا من معالم مدينة الرياض.
ويبلغ ارتفاع البرج المزمع إنشاؤه نحو 117 مترًا، حيث يشتمل البرج الذي سيواكب التطور الذي تشهده العاصمة الرياض على فندق من فئة خمس نجوم ملحقًا به نادٍ صحي ومركز لرجال الأعمال ومكاتب إدارية لمجموعة العبيكان للاستثمار، وأربعة أدوار تحت الأرض صممت لتكون لمواقف السيارات وللخدمات، فيما تم تخصيص ثلاثة أدوار لمكتبة العبيكان لتكون صرحًا ثقافيًّا وعلميًّا عالي المستوى وفريدًا في المملكة ودول الخليج العربي، حيث سيحتوي على أكثر من 100 ألف عنوان في مختلف التخصصات، والمجالات العلمية والثقافية والأدبية، إضافة إلى أقسام القرطاسية، والأدوات الكتابية، والمكتبة، وأجهزة الحاسب الآلي والإلكترونيات
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ok at first welcome to SSC family ,hope you enjoy with us!
second thing the title is completly wrong you have to follow saudi forum rules before creating new thread, pls change it to
#UNDER C-Riyadh :"Al Obeikan Tower",117m ,Mixed Use
i've seen a thread before about the same tower, however i looked for it on the index but found nothing
First Thank you saudi guy :)
This is my pleasure and honour to join you every one .

Secondly, I researchers for new projects in Riyadh
I see you for more than a year
and today i decision to join you continue Progress .

I found many new projects in Riyadh that
I want to write about but the images do not exist

again Thanx every 1
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^^Taken today, May 13th 2008

It's the projct under construction on the right of the photo...(that you can barely see :p)
whats thats highrise building besides kindom center ..??
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thank but do we got any thread on that project
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