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China coastal city wins UN Habitat award
Updated: 2009-10-06

WASHINGTON: The local government of an Eastern China coastal city won a United Nations Habitat award on Monday for well executed urban planning which has transformed the city into a green home with new housing and infrastructure.

The awardee is the municipal government of Rizhao, a coastal city in Shandong province, Eastern China.

"Under the banner Planning an Ecological City and Building a Livable Home, the municipal government (of Rizhao) embarked on major improvements starting with infrastructure which saw improvements on roads, parks, town squares, water supplies, drainage, sewage treatment as well as garbage disposal facilities, "the UN Habitat said at a ceremony held in downtown Washington D.C. to observe the World Habitat Day on Monday.

In a statement recognizing the achievements of Rizhao, the UN Habitat commended the city for emphasizing clean energy and vigorously promoting the use of solar, methane and wind power.

"Utilization rate of solar power has gone up 99 percent. In recognition of these efforts, Rizhao won the first World Clean Energy Award in 2007, and is still the only city in China to achieve that feat," the UN Habitat said.

Owing to the project of Planning an Ecological City and Building a Livable Home, the UN body said, the local economy has improved and in 2008 the GDP reached $9.66 billion.

"People's living conditions have improved while the city is still holding dear to the concept of a 'primitive' ecological environment featuring a blue sky, a blue sea and golden beaches."

Sustainable development

The city now mandates the incorporation of solar panels in all new buildings, and oversees the construction process to ensure the panels are correctly installed.[3] The effort to install solar water heaters began in 1992. As of 2007, 99 percent of households in the central districts use solar water heaters, and most of the lighting and traffic signals are powered with photovoltaic solar power. In 2007 the city had over a half-million square meters of solar water heating panels, equivalent to .5 megawatts of electric water heaters. The city has been designated as the Environmental Protection Model City by China's SEPA, and is consistently listed in the top 10 cities for air quality in China.

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