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RN16 | TANGIER - SAIDIA | Rocade Méditerranéenne | 5,7 MMDH | 2007 - 2012 (June) |#Realized

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Nador - Saïdia

pic's of the road between Kariat Arekmane and Ras El Ma

pic of the road between Ras El Ma and Saïdia
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Thats a great infrastructural realization. The region really needs it, similarly I imagine that it must have cost very expensive since the whole region is very mountainous.
The view during the travel must be amazing. That is assuming there is view of the Mediterranean ocean all throughout.
I think to improve the economic development in this region it's also very important to connect Fès with Al Hoceima and Tétouan. The latter one is more important, becaus a good connection between a city of a million inhabitants, Fès, and the Tangier Mediterranean Port lacks ...
Yes, but Fez already connects to the atlantic fastly through the highway with Rabat. The priority I think should be to connect most inner/eastern regions with a port and that way, pple can stay in their region rather than all move to the large coastal cities of the country.
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1 - 2 of 802 Posts