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RN16 | TANGIER - SAIDIA | Rocade Méditerranéenne | 5,7 MMDH | 2007 - 2012 (June) |#Realized

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Nador - Saïdia

pic's of the road between Kariat Arekmane and Ras El Ma

pic of the road between Ras El Ma and Saïdia
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Tunnel entre Jebha et Al Hoceima


Timo, do you know how long this tunnel is?
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Mais pourquoi donc les gens ont tendance a elargir le Rif, Tanger n'est pas Rifia ni geographiquement ni culturellement c'est une ville Jeblia, tout comme l'ensemble de la region Tanger Tetouan...
Mon grand pere est issu de cette region, les Chamalis sont Jbalas!
Et depuis quand Oujda fait partie du Rif?:nuts:
Not true. Tanger was liberated by Rif tribes from the Europeans in 1684. Untill 1900 they spoke Tamazight in Tanger. A lot of the tribes people in Tanger were allready arabized and arabized also later. A lot of people in Asilah and Larache are Rifains from descent..
Many places and people in Tanger have still Rif names..

Source: : David Hart, Micheaux Bellaire
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Jbalas was Amazigh it's true, but from Ghomaras, Senhadja Jbalas Tribes, not Rif, Tangier have an history with Riffians Tribes, but she stays Jeblia...

Rif and Jbalas are completely different, there are a lot of riffians in Tangiers and there are very ancient, they know the culture of Jbalas and they live like Jbalas, at the contrary Jbalas (Tangier Tetouan ketama, Taounate, Chaouen...) doesnt Know nothing about rifian language and culture, my Grandfather was Jebli...

The culture of Rif, is Al hoceima, Imzouren; Ajdir, Nador, Ihdadden... but to Ketama, Taounate to Tangier it's Jbalas Tribes, there are different by the culture and the apareance completely different from the Riffian.
Jbela means mountain. Because the Jballa people used and still live in the mountains and came only to the cities to sell their products.
Ketama, Taounate, Chefchaouen etc are the real jbala regions..
Their is not much cultural difference between Jbala and Rifains. Only they speak another language.

The people in Tanger and Tetouan are mostly arabized Rifains. The still use some Rif words and have a Rif dialect. In 1684 85% of the people in Tanger was of Rif descent..
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