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RN16 | TANGIER - SAIDIA | Rocade Méditerranéenne | 5,7 MMDH | 2007 - 2012 (June) |#Realized

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Nador - Saïdia

pic's of the road between Kariat Arekmane and Ras El Ma

pic of the road between Ras El Ma and Saïdia
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Huh! ik thought the rocade mediterranee was a highway on the pics i only see national roads?
Tunnel entre Jebha et Al Hoceima

Agadir- Marrakech tunnel;)
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It is the same road as before|-) an busy route national with alot of traffic.

So I think the trip time won't be so different.
From an economic point of view, don't think this road can be used to serve major purposes such as logistics. hopefully we'll see a motorway Oujda _ tanger takes place some day
hahah this road has no economic value.
Even if it is new it is dangerous, and not ment for logistics.

It is just another 1x1/2x1 road with a lot of accidents
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Morocco needs housing structure.

It has big potential, but things need to change.
Indeed! Unbelievable, the same land and temperature as the Spaniards across the sea. But the difference is that you see kilometres of forest over there. It really breaks my heart to see this..
What i find interesting difference between Rif and Andalus, is that when you cross the sea to Almeria or Algeciras, the first thing i notice is there is much less dust on the streets, everything looks cleaner, even though the terrain and landscape is comparable.
Is it because the Rif is closer to the sahara, or is it because Spain manages to keep their roads clean and we not:dunno:?
Because Spain manages to keep their roads clean. Far more developed than us.
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