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You could get astonished by:

- the Škocjan caves (better than Postojna cave in my humble opinion),
- town of Bovec, best reached by driving from Bled to another great lake Bohinj and then taking a ride using motorail (a train whom you drive on, see the official timetable) to Most na Soči, great Soča valley opens up and the scenic ride to Bovec astonishes, if you have time make sure to sleep over and go for a hike or a swim in the turquoise Soča river,
- Velika planina close to Kamnik, I'd suggest visiting on Tuesday or Wednesday to avoid the crowds and catch the true Alpine vibe,
- the town of Piran on the coastland seems rather mainstream, but it opens up a totally new horizon to the tourist - yes, Slovenian south-west has a lot in common with Italy, Italian signs and accent, Mediterranean food and architecture, I'd recommend a two-day trip to this litoral region, after Piran and downtown Koper I'd go for Goriška Brda region with the village of Medana ( or similar, you should definitely ask for local cuisine and wine if you want to grasp the vineyard aspect of Slovenian life,
- the towns of Kropa and Škofja Loka (close to each other) with a deep historic story, offering deep insight of how the Slovenians have lived and still live, the area is accessible on the way to Bled, you might do it one day and next day take the train to Most na Soči as mentioned before,
- Jezersko is fantastic for mountain lovers, it takes a little while to reach the plateau but it is totally worth it, maybe check Google photos and try consider whether it matches your preferences, I simply love love the surroundings,
- the eastern parts of Slovenia I'm not that well familiar with, many forum users might know better, yet I'd definitely go for Žalec Beer Fountain (see an exemplary video) on the way to Logarska dolina (Logar valley, mentioned by smok1 above), before reaching the Logar Valley you have a good reason to stop in a good restaurant on the way either in Ljubno ob Savinji or Solčava which are very specific towns within the Savinjska region (oh the variety this corner of Europe offers), you might also want to check the high-laying truly Alpine farms of Solčava, I'd suggest using the Solčava scenic route (, the farms offer food, beverages and the serenity, pristine forests and pastures,
- there are some nice places around the Kolpa river, my favourite are Podzemelj ( or Radenci (, swimming in Kolpa river, taking a deep breath or riding a bike around the Croatian border area, the place where time is supposed to stop and nobody rushes,
- the town of Ptuj and the Haloze area in the north-west part are nice and symbolized by history, wine, there are nice spa resorts in the north-west part (Moravske toplice spa, Banovci spa, Ptuj spa, Banovci spa), there are also pretty useful cycling connections (as for Slovenian standards, they are one of the better ones),
- if you like horses, there is the Lipica horse raising stud (,
- I always liked to wander in some really out-of-the-guide towns where local folks will not necessarily be used to tourists, to catch the real feeling of Slovenia you might wanna try check some smaller towns, totally up to you though, I think some of these rather typical ones are including, but not limited to Kamnik (close to Velika planina I mentioned in the third bullet), Kranj, Idrija, Gornja Radgona, Kranjska gora and Rateče (definitely do not hesitate to deroute to Lake Jasna, you might want to do it driving from Bovec mentioned in the second bullet taking a panoramic way over the Vršič Pass where one feels like touching mountaintops or adding them as friends on Facebook!).

These are some of the guidelines, Slovenia never gets too boring. Except where it comes to huge metropolitan cities, which obviously are not relevant at this point.

Wish you an enjoyable road trip!
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