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I think this is wrong, especially Dancing with the stars trying to lure her. At the end of the day shes just a loud mouth crim.

Carl's ex Roberta Williams sews up TV deal
May 24, 2008 12:53am

CHANNEL 9 is understood to have won a big gun battle to sign Roberta Williams to a TV deal, cashing in on her recent Underbelly infamy.

The ex-wife of convicted murderer Carl Williams was at the centre of a bidding war for her notorious services - with Nine keen to keep her in their mob, while producers for Seven's Dancing With The Stars tried to sweep her off her feet.

The devoted mother to Williams' daughter Dhakota initially emerged as one of Underbelly's most outspoken critics but has seemingly found peace with the network after two paid interviews with A Current Affair.

Critical of actor Kat Stewart's portrayal of her in the cult gangland series, Williams has since warmed to Nine executives who consider her "not bad talent".

With her sharp tongue and suburban charm, one network insider told Confidential the rough diamond needed some shine around the edges.

"You'd have to work out some sort of meaningful gig for her so she's not just a one-trick pony," the source said.

Rumours over the signing were aired on Melbourne radio on Thursday, where it was suggested Williams could see her host a reality series offering help to street kids.

Meanwhile, Granada Productions, which is producing Dancing With The Stars, has tripped up in its second bid to hijack Nine-related talent.

First they flopped after offering F-word chef Gordon Ramsay a start on the TV dance floor, with Williams understood to have turned them down too.

70's porn star
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This is just plain wrong. The show was great tv but turning this scumbag tramp into a celebrity is going way too far. She knew very well about the killings and no doubt even pushed for some of them. Then there's the drug manufacture and dealing. Shit, why isn't she locked up?
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