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I believe the jail is a done deal. Last time I was downtown, they had all of the buildings on 3 of the 4 city blocks bulldozed.

As for the South Main corridor, so much potential for the abandoned factories and warehouses (Reed Chatwood, Amerock, Tapco, and Mott Brothers specifically). I cant honestly remember but isnt Tapco about 13 storeys, and right on Davis park overlooking the Rock River? Can you say GOLD MINE! I have spoke with Alderman in the past, and they have had Chicago developers in looking at both Reed Chatwood and Tapco for condo conversion. No Interest... Perhaps just a little more incentive is what they need. Like you said, so much potential.

Now the North Main corridor too.... Lets count the abandoned or nearly empty buildings... Atwood, Essex Wire, Eagle, the old Cubbies bar, the old McDonalds, numerous others. Recently bulldozed Kmart, Walgreens, old bowling alley. There are about a dozen or so all within a one mile stretch of North Main. Its not much of a start, but its a start. The old Walgreens and Kmart site, there are condos comming.
IMHO, when Rockford does get Metra service, and a north extension is built up to Bel/JV, what better place for a train station and storage yard then the Essex Wire building?

As for the riverwalks and bikepaths, I think they should be extended also, and on both sides of the river. Why not even build extensions up Spring Creek to the Perryville Path, and up Kent Creek out to Searles, Lockwood, and Anna Page forrest preserves. The Perryville Path should be continued south to the Kishwaukee River forrest preserves and those paths. Now we are talking recreation!

As for public transportation, I have always thought it was stupid that the Rockford City buses were not allowed to go to Cherryvale Mall. Point blank, the Village of Cherry Valley didnt want the "west siders" from Rockford comming over to their village and increasing the crime (shoplifting) What a crock. We will see if Mr Morrissey can fix them...

I think we are in for some exciting times with Mr Morrissey as our fearless leader.

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