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Извините что по английски. Писал текст для другого форума и переписывать лень.

Today at about 11AM I geared up my bicycle and went to the metro station. First of all, I live in a standard townhouse, that looks like this but is not mine. There's 10 identical units of 6 townhouses in this neighborhood:

NOTE: I didn't cover suburbia because it is not interesting and we all know what it looks like.

This is one of the first large buildings met on the way, Le Pavillion, now under renovation, to be known as Le Monterrey:

In the background is an apartment building under construction:

Next, I came upon a large parking lot, that is servicing what is called here Le Mid-Pike Plaza. From left to right is some office buildings, The Forvm apt. building, the three new buildings, The US Department of Nuclear Energy, and a standard apartment building.

Behind the stop sign is a sign for La Madeline - a French-themed cafe with expensive food.

Three newer buildings here. Not quite a microdistrict. They are built by a standard capitalist scheme. First came the building farthest back. People were happy that then got a clear skyline outside their windows. Then they built the second building. There was one skyline to see and the first building lost half of its appeal. Then they built the last building. The people of the second building were then unable to see the horizon from either side and were also constricted by the small amount of light. Basically, :knife: . Also, the Forvm is in the background. But that building is disgusting.

The department of nuclear energy, looks like a small copy of a wing of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

Standard apartment building:

This is what every sidewalk should look like:

A pseudo-microdistrict:

The dept once again:

After that I left my bike at that thing, took out the water bottle, and went to the metro. I'm lucky that it didn't get stolen because when I came back I realized that it wasn't even locked to anything - I put the lock around a metal thing that had a part where it could be taken out. My bike's the one on the right.

It costs $1.35 to get from my station to the Rockville station.

Trains here don't come very often, lol:

It's pretty creepy when you're all alone in a train car. I don't think that has happenned to me before:

On the Rockville Station platform. I had a pretty weird feeling as if I was in Russia. I am on a platform and there was something under construction.

Looks like I have to go there:

This is a pretty nice walkway they built in the 90's:

Main street - Rockville Pike:

City and Country government center. Our county has over 500 000 people in it, and its own congressional district. This is one of the buildings. I had a photo of the other one but it turned out crappy.

There's going to be some large event here for Memorial Day. It's not as much to remember Memorial Day as to have a celebration because it's a 3 day weekend. Good thing I didn't take my bike here because there's a lot of restrictions on all traffic.

Now I'm going to the pseudo-European walking district. Problem is, it's only a couple of blocks in size and is suited for the upper middle class because those apartments start at 400-500 thousand dollars. Only today some of the streets are closed because of the celebration.

A pseudo-Roman fountain:

The main square. On the right is the city library.

Narrow streets:

Escape tunnels:

There's streets...


... And corporate affiliates.

This is the only building I've seen in America up to now that had balconies finished in glass.

The development is most limited by its unreasonably large parking lots.

And the fact that from the back the buildings are not appealing at all.

The Regal Cinema and city and county government buildings:

The walkway shown previously:

Behind that bridge is regular suburbia. Nothing interesting.

Upgraded dumbbell tenement:

If you ever wanted to know:

The skyline doesn't look all that good from the Monterrey. :hmm:

Apparently they like Europeans or something:

If you ever wanted to know what a metro train looks like:

There was a hobo sleeping on the platform whose feet were swollen like balloons. A black girl and I asked if he needed to go to the hospital and if we should call 911, but he said that he was fine, got up, and went on the next train. :eek:

Anyway, I'm back in White Flint, relieved that my bike wasn't stolen.

A few more images of the surroundings.

A concentration camp for cars:

The Mariott hotel and conference center:

Another last view of the pseudo-microdistrict:

A commercial zone - office buildings:

My dad worked in this one until moving to another area(the company no longer exists):

Regional headquarters of Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company:

A highway that goes near my house. I use it to get home. There is a bike path on the right, but I use the road for now, as it's still under construction.

It will go toward White Flint:


2QT2BSTR8 =)
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Дороги понравились, широкие.
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