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Roman City - Neamt county

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Photos from Roman:

Roman is a middle-sized city in the middle area of Moldavia, a region of Romania. It is located 46 km east of Piatra Neamţ, in the Neamţ County at the confluence of Siret and Moldova rivers.
It is thought that the name was taken from Moldavian Voivode Roman I of Moldavia, believed to be its founder. Roman's first son was Alexandru cel Bun.
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Stick to posting info and photos on the city itself, and not on accommodations in the city. Leave that to tourist and hotel booking sites, otherwise it will be considered advertisement.

Btw, does Roman need/deserves its own thread? I think not.
My dad was born in this town.
Photos from Roman:
BTW this is Piatra-Neamt actually ... ANL
Cosmin, i'm sorry but I'm not agree with you. For centuries Roman was the second Moldavia's town, Southern Moldavia's capital and the second religious center of the country.
"Cities as Iasi, Suceava, Roman, by example, are historical monuments" said the greater romanian architect G. M. Cantucuzino in 1934.
ROMAN, The City Library (french architect, 1890)

ROMAN, Precista Mare Plaza. In this place was executed Miron Costin, the famous moldavian writer and politician (prime minister), in December 1691

ROMAN, The Post Office, architect Ion Mincu (1910)

ROMAN, Precista Mare Plaza

After rain...
ROMAN, Seven meters underground...

Here was till 20 years ago the Main Street - Strada Mare, one of the most important urban monuments in Romania. The old street was excavated and the new street is 7 meters underground. A part of moldavian and romanian history was deleted by bulldozer. It's strange, but noone is talking about this.

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