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Rondje Schaeferbrug in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam : Schaeferbridge

Airtraffic around the bridge.

view from the bridge.

It can be lonely on the bridge.

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Wow! Cool bridge. Is that a new one? And where in Amsterdam is it situated?
Anyway, lovely pictures, especially the night shots.
Hello Benonie.

The bridge is from 2001. Formerly called the Java Bridge. Later on it was called after a Municipal councillor of Amsterdam. It lies in the Easter Docklands of Amsterdam.If you leave Central Station on the IJ side ,You have to walk right for I think 3 km.
Nog eens langs de Schaeferbrug.


2. de IJ-Haven.



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wow, impressive bridge design and the midrises make a great skyline.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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