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Rotterdam - A few new and a bunch of reposts

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Last weekend I visited Rotterdam again, 4 years after my last visit. Mostly to see what had happend since last time, which is quite a lot, but also to take some photos. The last part, the photos, wasn't really a big succes, since the weather was quite awefull, with way to much rain, and only very little sun.

It was still a nice trip though, and a big thanks to Jan and Michiel for showing me some things in Rotterdam, I would never have seen had I just walked around myself. Specially the huge harbour was something special. :)

Oh well, get a few shots that could be interesting, so here they are. I'll add a larger bunch of old photos from my first trip in 2004 in the next post, since they have been archives, and show more of a general look of central Rotterdam:

First 4 from the harbour area:

The flowting crane from above is really HUGE:

Did get a decent shot, with some sun, from the Euromast. Click to enlarge:

And now to the reposting part of the old ones....
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And here all the old Rotterdam photos from 2004. These were all posted in an old thread, but I guess it was archived a long time ago. Anyway, here they are again:

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Nice pics, the one from Willemsbrug (#6) is my favourite.

Quite a lot of changes in just 4 years, De Coopvaert was not even above ground then.
Awesome shots as usual, mlm! You're a true inspiration!
awesome shots
awesome architecture
awesome city
Great stuff, I love how you made something out of those grey weather images! :eek:kay:
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