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After years of On Hold, the develloper of 'De Rotterdam', an ultra urban construction to be built in Rotterdam, Netherlands, finally found a tenant for office space in the building, which makes construction sure.

This massive building is a 'homegame' for world famous and Pritzker Prize winner Rem Koolhaas with his Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), which has it's office located two kilometers from the plot. It makes his dream come treu to make a city within a city is the city he loves.

It's an old pier where a new central metropolitan area is being build, and where many skyscrapers are and will be constructed. This building will be located besides the Erasmus Bridge, which connects this central area to the older part of the Rotterdam heart.


functional height 139.00 meter
storeys 37
expected start early 2007
expected completion 2009
gross floor area 140000 m²
number of appartments 260
office space 39000 m²
commercial space 850 m²
hotel rooms 250

architect Rem Koolhaas
architecture company Office for Metropolitan Architecture
structural engineer Corsmit Raadgevende Ingenieurs
technical advisor Deerns Raadgevende Ingenieurs
developer MAB
developer OVG Projectontwikkeling
As you can see there will be many functions in the building. And the worlds biggest cruiseships, including the Queen Mary 2, can and will dock 15 meters from the facade of this structure.


Some Renders and pics of the model:

With the beautifull Erasmus Bridge:

location on the Pier, all empty space will be filled with tower, check out Rotterdam portal for more about that:

Model(s) on Content exhibition in Rotterdam:


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Poor Rotterdam. Thats so far the ugliest new project here on SSC just behind that trash tower in Benidorm.

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Perhaps the best project in Rotterdam, great.

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i just quit OMA and I can now say with a clear conscience that this is one hideous, out of date piece of junk that does not do its site any justice. Its almost as bad as Piano's nightmare 'man on a crutch' next door. Rotterdam will get a cheesy piece of 1993 architecture in 2009: sad.

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That offset block design is very similar to OMA's proposal for Museum Plaza in Louisville.
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