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Some pics of (and from) Montevideo, a 150 meter high residential U/C in Rotterdam. Montevideo is located in the Kop van Zuid area, a former port area being regenerated to a new city center. Thanks to Jan I had a chance to visit the top of this superb tower.

1. Montevideo...

2. ...on the Kop van Zuid area. The low building on the right is the former terminal of the Rotterdam - New York passenger liners. Behind it the World Port Center.

3. Hoge Heren, also residential towers

4. World Port Center

5. World Port Center

6. Cycling along the Maas river

7. The Maas river

8. Up to the top! What a view...


10. Not a bad place to live in the future. Unfortunately, my budget won't allow me to buy an apartment here... ;)

11. Currently the highest building in the Netherlands, 151 meters tall. Montevideo is 152 meters, including a large "M" on top. Without the M it is 139 meters tall.

12. The Netherlands is a small city: The Hague's skyline is clearly visible from Rotterdam. Also visible in this picture is the Groothandelsgebouw, a huge (but not tall) building.

13. Towards the ports

14. InHolland (eductation)

15. Nice, eh?

16. Hotel New York, former HQ of the Rotterdam - New York passenger liners

17. Rotterdam city center, across the river

18. Again

19. Kop van Zuid area

20. The famous Erasmusbrug, linking the Kop van Zuid with the City center

21. From one of the apartment

22. Vertigo!

23. Erasmus MC, a large hospital connected to Rotterdam's Erasmus University

24. World Port Center

25. WPC

26. And again WPC

27. Mmmmm....

Fan van de Neudeflat
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Bonus pic: panorama of the entire Kop van Zuid regeneration area. In ten years time there should be more highrises here... Including:
- Havana and New Orleans (both 150 m) on the sandy area right in front of this tower, before the red theatre building
- Rotterdam (a Rem Koolhaas design, 139 m) on the current parking lot on the left, between the passenger terminal and the grey-orange tower
- Maastoren (160 m), near the large orange building in the middle of the pic

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