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ROXAS | Pueblo de Panay [mix|u/c]

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ROXAS | Pueblo de Panay Masterplanned Community[mix|u/c]

Roxas City in the Central Philippines ... A city of natural beauty, religious fervor and traditional charm takes a big leap to the future.

Taking that same leap in Philippine countryside development are companies known since 1992 in Nothern Panay Island for residential projects that connote reliability, quality, and value-for-money:

Twin Hearts Realty, together with its holdings company, Sacred Heart of Jesus Prime Holdings Incorporated, and partner companies.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Prime Holdings, Inc. (SHJPHI)- controls and operates the assets and business interests in the field of real estate development and management, construction and quarrying. Under the umbrella of this holding company are subsidiary companies namely:

Victoria Park Realty and Development Corporation
- manages Twin Heart Realty’s real estate projects in Capiz Province;

SHJ Development Corporation - takes charge of Twin Heart Realty’s real estate projects located in Capiz and Aklan Provinces; and

Blue Chip Builders, Inc - implements construction, quarrying and engineering works of the its partner-companies.

At Pueblo de Panay township, together with experts, they have crafted the shared dream for “Northern Panay's 1st Masterplanned Community”. It is fostered by their aspirations for the Philippine countryside through the following Corporate Vision, Mission and Goals:

Vision: To create an environment-friendly and sustainable “city within a city” that highlights the richness of this Visayan Heritage in its development

Mission: To showcase in its design and workmanship the timeless traditions of a noble people that made Capiz at one point in history as the “Capital for maritime trade and commerce, tradition and culture in the Northern Visayan Island Group”


Pride as Filipinos,
Progress and Ecological Balance, and
People's Quality of Life
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Pueblo de Panay -- Northern Panay's 1st Masterplanned Community

Recreated in the Capiz Province's capital of Roxas City is a "city within a city"... a historical enclave amidst a green sanctuary.

Pueblo de Panay's Masterplanned Community was named after the historic town of Pan-ay in the Capiz province. It covers portions of barangays Lawaan, Sibaguan, and Dinginan in Roxas City.

Pueblo de Panay showcases the best of Filipino architecture and aspirations in its design.

  • Efficient multi-lane road network with bridges and sidewalks
  • Tree-lined highway connecting two of only three major highways in and out of Roxas City
  • Pedestrian and bicycle-friendly lanes
  • Connects into residential villages, commercial outlets, transport terminal, market place, gardens, places of worship, among others


The Concept of Family

creates a backdrop that would encourage nearness among people of differing ages, interests and ethnique backgrounds, individually and in groups. Interspersed with a balance of public and private spaces, that would intensify the Filipinos strength and love for family. May it be through leisure, recreation, commercial and institutional activities.

The Concept of Culture

a response to Panay's rich cultural roots not only in a historical collection of formal archetypes, but rather, to translate its history in a much broader, dynamic basis -- so that it serves as a tool to interpret and update its own identity. A concept to provide a setting which monuments, and built celebrations of communal values can acquire proper distinction and prominence.

The Vision of Higher Studies

provides an intellectual enclave for the Capiznons, hubs that would provide enrichment and learning of what was and what is to be. Avenues that would provide opportunity for study, intensive research, and exchange of knowledge.

Along with this vision is to provide a unique environment that would foster a deeper appreciation of the many wonderful facets of Panay, that of which is seen through its best gifts -- which is Nature itself.

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Business Establishments in Pueblo de Panay

1. Ramboy's Restaurant
2. Festa Restaurant
3. Cafe Pueblo
4. Hotel Veronica
5. Childs Academy
6. Urban Manor Hotel

Under Construction:
1. Roxas City Police Station
2. Robinsons Place Roxas
3. Security Bank
4. Roxas City Integrated Transport Terminal
5. El Circulo - Pueblo de Panay Hotel and Convention Center (a hilltop resort hotel)
6. 120ft Shrine of Sacred Heart of Jesus

1. Teodoro Arcenas Trade Center Expansion
2. Capiz Doctors' Hospital
3. Grandville
4. UP Visayas


1. Verdant Meadows
2. Orchard Lane
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Pueblo de Panay 2012 Google Earth Image
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great! PdP will definitely change the urban landscape of Roxas City!

looks like the ground is slowly craved into reality.
Proposed Bridge

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Proposed Riverside Development

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proposed intersection

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EL CIRCULO Convention Center

EL CIRCULO - the convention area of Pueblo de Panay township's Resort and Convention Center - will soon open to serve the public!

Gently-nestled on the sloping hills of Pueblo de Panay, the newest events place provides a scenic and refreshing view of beautiful Roxas City and Sibuyan Sea.

Enjoy the fresh mountain breeze as you celebrate the most significant events of your life - from family gatherings to weddings celebrations, local and national conferences, meetings, fairs and other exhibitions.

The newest convention area in Roxas City's hilltop shall be equipped with modern facilities and amenities such as fully air-conditioned halls, video and audio equipment, among others. Make EL CIRCULO your preferred place for important family and non-family gatherings.

For inquiries, please email us at [email protected] or call +63-908-676-1237.

EL CIRCULO - soon to be Panay Island's Pride! Be part of Pueblo de Panay township now ... for this is where the future will unfold!
Pueblo de Panay is a 300-hectare mixed-use, master-planned township development located in Roxas City, Philippines.
A rising city within a city- Pueblo de Panay is a Capizeño Inspired Development that showcases the best of the History, Culture, Architecture, and Arts of Capizeños and people from Panay Island.

PHASE 1 (130 hectares)




As a testimony of the Visayan's love for God, certain sections in Pueblo de Panay are devoted for a mountain-top church, a town center chapel, a monastery, and a shrine.
It shall be the future site of a 100-foot high shrine of Jesus Christ overlooking the Roxas City coast.

Pueblo de Panay's vision for Capiz to be a center of learning. Thus, it has allotted areas for schools and universities.
A preschool, Child's Academy, has already started for toddlers for young tots who want to start early.



Hotel Veronica
Hotel Veronica is the 1st hotel within Pueblo de Panay, Roxas City. It appeals to the young-hearted and family-oriented crowd with its 10 uniquely-designed deluxe rooms, including a bridal suite. Breakfast at Festa Resto, wi-fi connection, and personalized service comes packaged with its affordable rates.
For inquiries, please contact Hotel Veronica at Phone +63 36 6210919 or email address [email protected].

Urban Manor Hotel is Pueblo de Panay's 2nd hotel within the township development ... your "home in the city". It is conveniently-located along Roxas City's major thoroughfare. It offers true Capiznon hospitality with its 21 clean and modern air-conditioned rooms. For the unbelievably low prices, it comes with hot and cold water, unlimited wi-fi access, cable tv, electronic lock and telephone systems, and parking amenities. For reservations, contact +63 9394360314 or email [email protected].

Pueblo de Panay Hotel and Convention Center
Watch out for the Pueblo de Panay's hilltop resort hotel in 2012!

Pueblo de Panay Hotel and Convention Center shall bring the warmth of Capiznon hospitality into hotel management with its planned 50-room hotel, function rooms, swimming pools, garden trails, and other amenities. From its hotel veranda, enjoy Roxas City's picturesque sunrise and sunset. Or simply bask at the beauty of the scenic islets of the Sibuyan Sea.


Cafe Pueblo
Try the newest coffee shop in town. Cafe Pueblo offers not just excellent coffee but also juice drinks for kids, and pasta to go with it.

Ramboys Lechonan and Restaurant
Ramboys brings to Roxas City the best of Aklan grilled food -- from seafood to meat delicacies. All at deliciously-tasting preparations at pocket-friendly prices. Grab a date with friends and family in the morning, during lunch or at night amidst cool ambience of the Pueblo de Panay development. For reservations, contact number to Landline Phone +63 36 6217287.

Festa Restos
Come and experience fine dining at Pueblo de Panay! Come to Festa Resto at the ground floor of Hotel Veronica. Taste and experience Visayan hospitality and cooking from among different flavors and dishes from pasta, meat, veggies to seafood.


A healthcare center shall rise within Pueblo de Panay. It shall have not only an area for hospital care but also wellness facilities for everyone. This shall complement the jogging pathways and bicycle lanes that would be designed with the road network within the entire Pueblo de Panay community.

The new Pueblo de Panay CBD (commercial business district) shall comprise of a town center with retail establishments, commercial outlets, transportation terminal, market place, schools, places of worship, gardens, and spaces for educational, wellness centers, and other institutions. It is also being planned to be a special economic zone.

Accessed from the city's Lawaan Highway, one is ushered into Pueblo de Panay township through a multi-lane road network with tree-lined and bicycle pathways.

Marvel at the charm of Filipino-themed shops, restaurants, boutique hotels, and other business establishments that showcase a colorful Philippine heritage.

Pueblo de Panay's proposed CBD is only about 1.5 kilometer away from the Roxas City center... a stone's throw away from the present Roxas Avenue CBD.

Pueblo de Panay landscape shall be an epitome of balanced community living through trails, gardens, parks that is historical, educational, and sustainable.

The area in Pueblo de Panay shall be alloted to provide a spacious terminal and national transport modes. It is accessible to the city's major roads and byways allowing smooth and efficient flow in and out traffic in and out of the city and between provinces.

Pueblo de Panay community development shall showcase the Visayan's marine resources through a market with healthy aquamarine and agricultural products. A wet and dry market shall support the township and its environs. It shall be known as Roxas City's newest and cleanest "mercado" for fresh, healthy, and clean produce.




In the scenic hills of Roxas City stands Verdant Meadows residential village, a neighborhood inspired by both Filipino and Spanish traditions.

This exclusive enclave is blessed with cool breeze, relaxing greens, and a perfect location in a masterplanned resort community setup of Pueblo de Panay township. It is where modern conveniences and life's little pleasures are all a stone's throw away.

This Filipino-Hispanic-inspired residential enclave has in its 12-hectare area the following amenities of a gated community:

Landscaped Entrance Gate
Multipurpose Pavilion
Parks and Playground including a Basketball Court
Perimeter Fence, Cemented Road & Sidewalks
Drainage, Water and Electrical facilities

With the planned Pueblo de Panay bridge, Orchard Lane becomes a mere 600-meters away from Lawaan Highway. This bridge would not only make the said hilltop village more accessible to the city, it would also open up to the public a unique mountain and seascape views of Roxas City.

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great! PdP will definitely change the urban landscape of Roxas City!

looks like the ground is slowly craved into reality.
Amat amat lng kmi di ah..Nagatinguha man kmi di kag very happy kay Local ang tag-iya sining township.
ohhhh, come on... bigaten na guid ni ang roxas. bira birahe nyo, para madayun guid pila ka adlaw ang na handom ko nga high speed train all over panay
Amat amat lng kmi di ah..Nagatinguha man kmi di kag very happy kay Local ang tag-iya sining township.

sus kung indi lang tungod sa kilala ko kag kilala nyo man na siya ahhh. dugay na ya tani nag uswag roxas nga sobra pa sa iban nga ciudad sa bilog nga WV. Damo ko kilala nga negosyante sa iban nga lugar. pero originally taga capiz guid. mga dalagko pa na nga mga negosyante. Isa na da si injap ahhh....
ohhhh, come on... bigaten na guid ni ang roxas. bira birahe nyo, para madayun guid pila ka adlaw ang na handom ko nga high speed train all over panay

Kaso ginpugngan pa ni Mr. Palengkero ang project sang RDC toto..:bash::bash::bash:
Iya suggestion tollway! nano na sya yah man mangwarta? Tollway halin sa Iloilo-Roxas-Caticlan konektado sa negosyo kag terminal sang Iloy nya sa Araneta Center sa Cubao?? :bash::bash::bash:

Patapuson ta iya term!! Still feasible!!! :cheers::cheers::cheers:
sus kung indi lang tungod sa kilala ko kag kilala nyo man na siya ahhh. dugay na ya tani nag uswag roxas nga sobra pa sa iban nga ciudad sa bilog nga WV. Damo ko kilala nga negosyante sa iban nga lugar. pero originally taga capiz guid. mga dalagko pa na nga mga negosyante. Isa na da si injap ahhh....

AMEN!!! :lol::lol::lol:
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