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Rugby League World Cup 2017

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Because there should've been a thread for it by now.

Well done Lebanon, first world cup win yesterday.
And overall, enjoying this more than I thought I would.:cheers:
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It's good the smaller countries get to play competitive game with each other.

But it's hard to get excited watching Australia flog them. France, that used to be half competitive got beat by about 50 last night. How will the even smaller league countries go? It's like watching Lennox Lewis take on my grandmother.

NZ and the poms might have a bit of a lash, but I'll be amazed if Australia doesn't win. And even in England, about 95%, maybe more, of the population wouldn't even know a "World Cup" was taking place.

Good effort anyway trying to stir up interest gettingthere.
Sigh yes.
Today's Wales Vs Fiji was a prime example.
I blame the Murdoch-orchestrated Super League War for the state that international rugby league is at the moment. Those were some crucial years lost which could have helped spread and consolidate rugby league in many of these countries.
Murdoch ruins everything.
I don't think the Super League wars had anything to do with international RL.

I wish Super League had more of victory back then, instead of the negotiated draw with the old ARL cronies. We would have a truly national RL comp in Australia now if Murdoch had fully won, teams in Perth and Adelaide, instead of propping up most of the old Sydney teams.
^^ Yeah we will have to agree to disagree about that one.

Today's Tonga v NZ was a thoroughly entertaining game. Well done to Tonga although this has upset the apple cart a bit.
Kangaroos continue their winning streak :cheers:
A huge well done to Tonga, beating NZ is a massive result for them.
Go Kangaroos!
We are through to the finals.
Valentine Holmes, what a finisher. 6 tries in any match is a huge achievement, but against a decent Fiji side even more so.

^^ Interesting to see two legends like Arnie and Artie together.

Well done boys 6-0 very frustrating game should hav scores more too many drop ball / I give it to poms hanging in there
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