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ye Kebele chairman
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Welcome to Ethiopia Forum here at Skyscrapercity, Here is a quick guide to the rules in this forum.

01. Profanity towards other members is discouraged.

02. No spamming, multiple topics will be deleted/merged.

03. No inciting hatred or violence.

04. Post in the right forum, continued posting in wrong forums will be considered spamming.

. You are responsible for what you post

06. Please stay on topic if possible

. Discriminatory posts are forbidden. Racism, Xenophobia, Homophobia, Sexism etc. are all strictly banned on this forum and Skyscrapercity as a whole.

08. If you have any problems that regard the forum, posting guidelines, trouble with threads or another member of this forum do not hesistate to contact me by private pm.

09. The moderators of this forum are posted at the very bottom of the page and include:

yosef, SE9, UtopianSkyscraper, egypt69, Xusein

In addition to myself, any one of the other moderators listed can be contacted to resolve any issues you may have.

. All other SSC and SSC|Africa rules and guidelines apply.
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Not open for further replies.