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Gms: Roseiris (smc) Sudan Vision Daily , 20 June

A ministers council’s delegation, has recently inaugurated the completion of the first stage of the heightening of the Ruseiris dam, which has paved the way for the next step.
The second stage involves increasing electricity generation capacity by 505, in addition to recovering 40 percent, of the 3 billion cubic liters wasted, besides, increasing the cultivable areas.
The operation included adding 10 meters, to the 480 meters height concrete body of the dam, besides the formation of more sand barriers, on both eastern and western banks, and the maintenance of the 5 lower dam gates.
The delegation, headed by Minister of Justice, accompanied by Ministers of Media, Communication, Electricity, and Dams, inspected the 65 percent fulfilled work on the sand barriers, exceeding 5 million meters on the western bank, in contrast to 6 million on the opposite bank.
Mohamed Bushara Dousa; Minister of Justice, said that it is only through patience and proper planning, that poverty would ever be defeated. He also highlighted efforts on other projects including the Merowe and Atbara dams. He promised that economic prosperity would be achieved.
He also indicated that such an achievement is an unprecedented victory, as much as it is a fruit of the long awaited peace, to which all people of Sudan should hold on to. He said this is the wish of all previous governments in Sudan through the past four decades. He also called on the people of Blue Nile State, to employ the facility, in the construction of their state.
Minister of Electricity; Osama Abdullah, said that the fulfillment of this stage, opens new horizons for agriculture in Sudan, promoting our country to take the world lead in providing the whole world with essential crop.
He called on Arab investors, to cease the opportunity and join the accelerating wheel of renaissance in Sudan, indicating that the heightening resettles a number of 22.000 families that had previously been dislocated by the flooding water.
State Minster, director General of Dams Unit; Mohammed Elhassan Alhadari, indicated that the fulfillment of the first stage, assures on the work, being in accordance with the schedule, affirming that the agricultural revolution, will be launched from the Blue Nile State, from which it will spread t the whole Sudan.
He attributed the achievement, to the proper coordination, between all concerned views, highlighting that is unit has implemented a whole new sand barrier, and has not just propagated the existing one.
He also unveiled, that the projects implemented by his unit, represent a whole new spectrum of infrastructure facilities, after which the country will undergo new directions, on the way of the nation’s renaissance, pointing out to the development, achieved on different fields, which were only possible through the construction of Merowe dam, as he also pledged to resettle all those displaced by the heightening, even before the reservoir in the dam is filled.
He expressed his appreciation, towards all efforts by China towards the project, describing it as key partner, contributing much to development projects in Sudan
A representative of the China Corporation, which has implemented the work in the dam, enlightened over their role in the work, evaluating the role played by the Blue Nile state, and the Ministry of Electricity, supporting and facilitating every aspect of the project, pointing out that the project represents a firm bond, between the people of both countries. He called for more intensified efforts, to be made in the coming period, in order to fortify this everlasting relation, as he also pledged to hand the project to the government, on time.
It is worth mentioning that, the delegation stood on the progress, being made on Setait dam, which comprise the third angle to Sudan renaissance triangle.

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