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RUSSIA | The Urals (Nizhny Tagil)

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In Nizhny Tagil invented the world's first steam locomotive and a Bicycle,Cherepanov brothers.

In the world of sport Nizhny Tagil is known for jumping,because every year on Eurosport is broadcast from the men's and women's world cups.This year, too.

Nizhny Tagil is a tank capital of the world,in this town produces 20 thousand tanks and other armored vehicles a year.The city hosts the world's largest international exhibition tank weapons.All the tanks in Russia are doing in Tagil including new Armata.

While in Tagil release another model of the tram,but there is a website for new model launches in 2020.(pictured is already sold)

In the former USSR all know the city of Nizhny Tagil,all the tourists from the Soviet Union on vacation in Turkey and Egypt always cry when they are well Tagil!!!)))Because in Russia,Tagil-Rulit and everyone knows that.

Nizhny Tagil industrial capital of Russia,the city is 30% of the largest enterprises in Russia on each running 20-40 thousand people:Uralvagonzavod,NTMK,Uralchimplast,UGOK,AVISMA.
In Nizhny Tagil every year the President of the country(Yeltsin,Putin,Medvedev) conducts the state Council with the government.

In Nizhny Tagil,in addition to jumps on the mountain Long,is the largest ski resort in Europe called Mount White.

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