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Mingitau said:
Hey! I've travelled a lot in Russia and here I want to show our cities and towns.
(On April 1, 2006 I've send 142 photos of Asian Russia (North Caucasus, Western and Esatern Siberia and Far East))

I've start with my native region - the North Caucasus.
And the first photo is devoted to Krasnodar - the biggest city in this region.

Krasnodar (784 000 inh.), Central City Square (May 2005)

Mingitau said:
Krasnodar, October square (May 2005)

Krasnodar, The Building of a Kranodar Region Parliament (May 2005)

Krasnodar, Central Regional Museum (May 2005)

Mingitau said:
Makhachkala - the Capital of Dagestan (550 000 inh (all data on 01/01/2005))

Makhachkala, View from Tarki Mount (August 2005)

Makhachkala, Russian-Lezg Theatre (August 2005)

Makhachkala, Tarki City Block (august 2005)
Mingitau said:
Stavropol - the Capital of Stavropol Region (Stavropolsky kray) (1777 year of foundation, 356 000 inh.)

Stavropol, Central City (Lenin) Square (september 2005)

Stavropol, Drama Theatre (september 2005)

Stavropol, Fortress Hill (the place of city origin) (september 2005)
Mingitau said:
Vladikavkaz - the Capital of North Ossetia-Alania (1784; 332 000 inh.)

Vladikavkaz, Sunni Mosque (february 2005)

Vladikavkaz, Central City Square (february 2005)

Vladikavkaz, Terek River (february 2005)

Vladikavkaz, Mira Avenue (central city street) (february 2005)
Mingitau said:
Nalchik - the Capital of Kabardino-Balkaria (298 000 inh.)

Nalchik, The Republican Government Building (february 2005)

Nalchik, New Mosque (february 2005)
Mingitau said:
Cherkessk - the Capital of Karachaevo-Cherkessiya (1825; 117 000)

Cherkessk, the main office building of "Mercury" (russian №3 producer of mineral water - and the biggest plant in the republic) (september 2005)

Mingitau said:
Magas - the Capital of Ingushatiya (1995; 301 inh.)
The youngest and the smallest Russian City - the single example of a capital city build from a green field in post-Soviet Russia

Magas on gorizont (february 2005)

Magas, Ingushetian Prezident Palace (february 2005)

Magas, Ingushetian State Univercity (february 2005)
Mingitau said:
Sochi - the City in a Krasnodar Region (397 000 inh.)
It's the Russian biggest resort on the Black Sea coast.

Sochi, Railway station (august 2005)

Sochi, A view of a Bytkha City District (august 2005)

Sochi, The Arboretum (august 2005)

Mingitau said:
Georgievsk - the oldest city in a Stavropol Region (1777; 121 000 inh. in MSA)
It's my native town!

Georgievsk, St. Nicolas Temple - the oldest Russian Otrodox Church in the North Caucasus (1780) (september 2005)

Georgievsk, City Youth Centre (1912 - an example of Russian Southern Ar Nuvo style) (september 2005)

Georgievsk, the highest building on the main street (1996) (Kalinin Avenue) (september 2005)
Mingitau said:
Khasavurt, the second city in Dagestan (124 000 inh.)

Khasavurt, New Mosque (august 2005)
Mingitau said:
Derbent - a city in Dagestan (436 A.D.; 105 000 inh.)
The most southern and the most ancient city in Russia.

Derbent, Old City Gates (V c. A.D. - the oldest building in Russia) (August 2005)

Derbent, Nariyn Kala - the Persian Fortress (V c. AD) - the UNESCO world heritage place. (august 2005)

Mingitau said:
Nazran - the biggest city in Ingushetiya (de facto capital) (1781; 128 000 inh.)

Nazran, One of the main streets (february 2005)

Nazran, City Pond and Hotel "Assa" (february 2005)
Mingitau said:
Pyatigorsk - the city in the Stavropol Region (1780; 205 000 inh.)
It's the biggest trade centre in the North Caucasus

Pyatigorsk. Autobus Station and Trade Centre (january 2005)
Mingitau said:
I was in all Russian cities, which has more than 1 mln inhabitants and in 3/4 of all cities which population is more than 100 000. And I can firmly say, that there is not building in Russia, with more than 35 stages exept Moscow. But almost all Russian cities (for me city is a settlement with more than 100000 inh.) has buildings with 15-25 stores. And I've post them in future.

Today I;ve pass my last pre-examination test. I've studied at the Main Building of Mscow State Univercity - we're the highest lacated faculty in the world. And Now I wanted to post some view of Moscow, from the room (21 floor), there a pass my test.

Moscow, the Capital of Russia (10 407 000 inh.). A view from MSU to the centre of the city/ It's about 7 km from MSU to Kremlin

Moscow, A view from MSU to the west of the centre

Moscow. A view from MSU to the North (Moscow City)
Mingitau said:
Some words about Sochi. IMO this city do not oppotiunities to hold an Olimpic Games. It has a sky resort - about 60-70 km from the centre of the city (krasnaya Polyana), which has 2-3 good hotels and only few elevators. May be they'd build all Olimpic Infrastructure there in next 6-7 year. But I don't believe in this project. Although Sochi is a really - very rich and very pretentious city. And for most Russian it look like untoucheble "abroad".
So some new photos

Greater Sochi - it's a territory of 3530 sq. km. in the southern part of Krasnodar region. It include - Central Sochi (about 200000 inh.), some small resort towns and settlement on 105 km Black Sea coast, and several dozens of rural settlement in general in southern part of this territory. The main part of Greater Sochi in a National Park in the Caucasian mountians (the highest point in the Greater Sochi area - is a Mount Agepsta 3256 m)

Greater Sochi. Krasnaya Polyana (or Red Glade) - mountain resort (May 2005)

Greater Sochi. A view of Central Sochi from arboretum (August 2005)

Greater Sochi. A view of Central Sochi from arboretum (August 2005)

Greater Sochi. Park Hotel in Central Sochi (May 2005)

Greater Sochi. Marine passenger terminal in Central Sochi (August 2005)

Greater Sochi. A view of southern part of Sochi (Adler, Khosta - city districts) from Akhun Mount) (May 2005)

Greater Sochi. Exept Central Sochi - the sea-shore in covered of hotels and small resorts, like this. Sputnik Resort Complex (May 2005)
Thanks to Mingitau

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Mingitau said:
Buynaksk - a town in the Dagestan. It was a Capital of Dagestan in XIX - beginning of XX century (today 62 000 inh.)

Buynaksk. The Palace of Dagestan Governor (XIX c.) (August 2005)

Zevenokumsk - a town in Stavropol region (1781; 40 500 inh.) A typical small town in the south of Russia.

Zelenolumsk. A Palace of Civilian Registry (late XIX c.). (September 2005)

Mingitau said:
The North Caucasus region has the highest density of rural population in Russia. Villages here are like towns. Sometimes there population is more than 10 000 - 20 000 inh. Here I want to post Super-Villages.

Kanevskaya. It's situated 100 km to the North from Krasnodar. It's №2 among 150 000 of Russian villages (45 000 inh.) and №1 in all other cases - economic indexes, wealth and so on. Kanevskaya has some unique for rural areas places, such as Zoo, Ice Palace, Olimpic Waterpoll, A Theatre, 7 routes of "city" public transport...

Kanevskaya. A single Ice Palace (an all-the-year-round skating ring) in the Southern Federal District)! (May 2005)

Kanevskaya. St. Nicolas Cathedral (May 2005)

Kanevskaya. A street in the village centre (May 2005)

Kanevskaya. A typical house. (May 2005)
Mingitau said:
Villages of Ingushatia has the highest middle size in Russia (about 7000 inh. in 1 village). It's the poorest Russian region - about 200 $ per capita and 70% of unemployment!

Slepcovskaya - a village in Ingushetia - near the boarder with Chechnya. It's the biggest russian village nowadays - over 70 000 inh!

Slepcovskaya. A Palace of Culture. (February 2005)

Nesterovskaya. A village in the Slepcovskaya Rural District (18 500 inh.)

Nesterovskaya. New street. (February 2005)

Surkhakhi. A village in Nazranovsky Rural District (16 000 inh.)

Surkhakhi. A typical house and mosque. (February 2005)

Mingitau said:
Villages of Dagestan.

Akhty. The biggest village of Dagestan (13 400 inh.) and the oldest settlement in Russia (V c. BC)!

Akhty. A view from Kelezkhev Mount, where the ancient Percian Fortress exist. (August 2005)

Akhty. A view a village centre from Linin Monument to Kelezkhev Mountain. (August 2005)

Akhty. A centre of Akhty. (August 2005)

Kubachi. A well-known village of Folk Art Homecraft and on of the oldest settlement in Dagestan.

Kubachi. A village-block in Old Kubachi (August 2005)

Kubachi. New Kubachi (August 2005)

Kala-Koreish. Its a Middle Age fortress and town 3 km far from Kubachi. Kala-Koreish - is the first Muslim settlement in the North Caucasus, founded by Muhhamed tribe representatives in 7 c. AD.

Kala-Koreish. A sheikh's mausoleum 9-12 c. AD.(reconstruction) (August 2005)
Mingitau said:
Lysogorskaya - a village in Stavropol Region - between Georgievsk and Pyatigorsk (1848; 10 200 inh.). It's well-known of it's unique Our Lady Chistmas Church (mid. XIX c.)

Mingitau said:
The North Caucasus - it's not only a region of Sun, Heat and Development. It's a region of unsolvable conflicts, permanent wars and terrorizm. I would not objective if I forgot about it. And my last photo is devoted to Beslan - a small town in North Ossetia (35 000 inh.)
For me it was a place, where I am terrified like no ever in my life. For me it's place of Memory and Believing in Future (there is no place for terrorist).

And in memory of all Beslan Victims a send this photo.

Beslan. School №1. (February 2005)

A believe that my North Caucasian photo gallery is a small contribution for providing Peace in my Motherland!!!
Mingitau said:
Far East Gallery. I was in russian Far East only onle - in July 2005 and only in it's southern part.
I need 6 days and 3 hours to travel from Moscow to Khabarovsk. Transsibirian railway - is unforgetable trip.

IMO Russia has 4 capital cities: Moscow, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Khabarovsk. Then you stand at the centre of this cities, you fill that you stand in the centre of great territory with thousand's of cities and villages. Something like my friend fill wondering in City in London, fill - than now he is in the Centre of the World.

Khabarovsk - the capital of Khabarovsk Region. And for me - the Capital of Far East (1858; 579 000 inh.)

Khabarovsk. Muraviev-Amursky Avenue - the main street of Khabarovsk.

Khabarovsk. The central city square (Lenin square)

Khabarovsk. The central city square (Lenin square)
Mingitau said:
Vladivostok - the biggest city and marine port in Far East. The centre of Primorsky region. (1860; 587 000).

Vladivostok. The central city square.

Vladivostok. Railway station built in neo-Russian style in 1903. A sea is very close to railway station. It's 9288 km from Moscow!

Vladivostok. Urbanview in the morning.

Vladivostok. A classical view from Golden Horn Bay
Mingitau said:
Ussuriysk - the second city in Primorsky region (1866; 156 000)

Ussuriysk. A view of a city centre.

Tynda - a town in Amusky region. It's un-official capital of BAM (Baykal-Amur Magistal). The town was founded in 1931 and at the mid. of 1980-s has about 65 000 inh. The architektors plan Tynda for a city with 500 000 inh. in 2005. Then USSR collapsed and BAM un-used the population was heavy declined till 38 500 inh.

Tynda. Krasnaya Presnaya street - everething like in Moscow
Mingitau said:
Eastern Siberia. I was there only once in June-August 2004. And all these photos were done at that period.

Irkutsk. A capital if Irkutsk region (752 000 sq. km). One of the greatest siberian cities 70 km far from Baykal (1652; 582 000 inh)

Irkutsk. ex-Grand Hotel

Irkutsk. Regional Museum of History. Built in late 19 c. as an office of Eastern Siberian branch of Imperial Geographical Society

- the second city in Irkutskaya oblast. Its a conurbation of different size settlement in th total area over 1000 sq. km. (1631; 257 000 inh.)

Bratsk - New City Centre

Bratsk - The World Biggest Aluminium Plant

Bratsk - Bratsk HEPS on Angara river. Built (1955-1961)
Mingitau said:
Irkutsk region towns and villages

Cheremkhovo. It was a well-known centre of coal-mining in Soviet Union with 150 000 inh. Nowadays mining collapsed. (1772; 57 000inh.)

Cheremkhovo. A typical view of a city centre

Usol'e-Sibirskoe. It was an important centre of chemical industry. It collapsed too. (1669; 88 000inh.)

Usol'e-Sibirskoe. Komsomolsky Avenue - on of the main street

Tulun. A typical town in Irkutsk Region.

Tulun. A World of Wood -:)) (late XVIII c.; 50 100inh.)

Ust'-Kut - an important transport junction on Lena river and BAM. You need 27 hours to achieve Irkutsk by train. On of the oldest towns in East Siberia. And one of the longest towns in Russia - about 40 km - like Moscow (1628; 47 600 inh.)

Ust'-Kut. A view of town centre

Ust'-Ordynsky - the capital of the Ust'-Ordynsky Buryat Region (13 500 inh.))

Ust'-Ordynsky. A typical house.

Kejemsky - a typical settlement of loggers in the north of Irkutsk region (about 2 500)

Gadaley - a typical agricultural village in the south
of Irkutsk region (about 1 100)
Mingitau said:

Ulan-Ude - the Capital of Buryatia. (1666; 381 000 inh.)

Ulan-Ude. A view of a city.

Severobaykalsk. A transport junction on the north Baykal coast.

Severobaykalsk. Railway station.
Mingitau said:
The most beautiful places of Eastern Siberia

Putorana Platou (July 2004)

Lake Baylal. Near the source of the Lena-river (July 2004)

I hope, these photos make you fill better!
Mingitau said:
IMO, if you want to understand Russia - you need to travel by train from Moscow to Vladivostok. And realize how big it this country.
I have a question for all non-Russian origim forumers. What do you now about these cities and towns? Some interesting facts or data. For me, as for geographer, is important your notions about Russia...


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Mingitau said:
Part 4 - Western Siberia photo gallery I was in all territories of Western Siberia - exept Tomsk Region - and here will be the most interesting protos

Surgut - the biggest city in the Khanty-Mansi Region (Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous Okrug). An unofficial oil capital of Russia.
(1596, but really in mid. 1950-s; 292 000) (All photos - July 2005)

Surgut. A view of a new cultural centre.

Surgut. "Downtown" - a central bisiness district -:))

Surgut. The Headquater of "Surgutneftegaz"

Surgut. Old&New. New - the Office building of "SurgutGazprom"

Surgut. A new apartment building in the centre.

Surgut. Lenin Avenue

Surgut. A school of foreigh languages

Surgut is built!

Surgut. A view of Saima-lake, Central Park and Surgut TPS-1 and TPS-2 - the most powerfull in Russia
Mingitau said:
Khanty-Mansiysk - the capital of Khanty-Mansiy Region. It was a very small town until 1990-s. Now its rapidly grow on "oil" benefits. (17 c.; 57 300)

Khanty-Mansiysk. New trade centre.

Khanty-Mansiysk. New cultural centre

Khanty-Mansiysk. A view of a city centre

Khanty-Mansiysk. A view of Samarovo - an oldest town-district, with a new building of autobus-river station!

Nefteugansk - a city in a Khanty-Mansi Region. (1962; 112 000). Until 2004 it was the main oil-producing centre of "Ukos" company

Lyantor - a typical town of oil-producing industry in Khanty-Mansi Region (1983; 34 000)
Mingitau said:
Tyumen - the capital of Tyumen Region. The oldest Russian city in Siberia (1586; 567 000 inh.)

Tyumen. The Republican Avenue. "TyumenGazprom" Tower

Tyumen. A sguare near the Central Market Place

Tyumen. Pervomayskaya street

Tyumen. World Trade Centre!

Tyumen. Central Square

Tyumen. Tura river and Saint Trinity Monastery in evening

Tyumen. Its not of a city of modern buildings.... A Tatar Slobodka - a siberian tatar community in centre of Tyumen!
Mingitau said:
Tobol'sk - a city in Tyumen Region. It was a capital of the whole Siberia for a long period in 16-18 centuries. Now we could see a monuments of former glory everywhere in Lower Town and Upper Town. (1587; 104 000) (all photos July 2005)

Tobol'sk. Saint Sofia Cathedral (1683-1686)

Tobol'sk. The single Kremlin in Siberia

Tobol'sk. A view from Upper Town (Kremlin) to Lower Town

Tobol'sk. A view from Lower Town (Sennaya Square) to Upper Town

Tobol'sk. Central Square of Siberian Capital nowadays

Tobol'sk. An Irtysh river in Tobol'sk

Tobol'sk. New city - founded in 1960-ss, while a great petrochemical indusrtial complex built up
Mingitau said:
In may opinion the TOP10 of most interesting Russian Cities is:
1. Derbent
2. Vladikavkaz
3. Volgograd
4. Khabarovsk
5. Ekaterinburg
6. Tobol'sk
7. Veliky Ustug
8. Yaroslavl'
9. Saint-Petersburg with outskirts
10. Novgorod Velikiy

TOP10 Most exite interesting and pleasant places:
1. The Region of Caucasus Mineral Waters
2. The Northern Baykal
3. The Lower Course of Ob-river
4. Kizhi in Karelia
5. Southern Dagestan
6. Russian Faviotida (Vologda, Belozersk, Kirillov and monasteries Feranpontovo, Goritcy etc.)
7. Greater Sochi
8. Altay Mountains
9. Kargopol'e - an area in the SW of Arkhangelsk Region
10. Caucasian Mountanious Resorts - Prielbrussi'e, Dombay, Arkhyz
Mingitau said:
Western Siberia Photo Gallery continuation

Novosibirsk - the capital of Novosibisrk Region. And unofficial capital of Siberia. It's the biggest city in Asian Russia. And №3 in Russian Federation (1 406 000 inh.). But its rather young and was founded near a railway bridge via Ob river in 1893. (photos July 2004)

Novosibirsk. A view of a city centre from Kamennya valley.

Novosibirsk. Opera and Ballet Theatre - a symbol of Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk. Red Avenue (Krasniy prospekt) - main street
Mingitau said:
Omsk - a centre of Omsk Region. The second city in Siberia by population (1 127 000 inh.). Thought all cities in Russia with population more than 1 mln of inhabitants its the most durty, poor and unpleasant. But it has some interesting museums. (photos June 2004)

Omsk. Drama Theatre

Omsk. A view of a city centre from airplane
Mingitau said:
Barnaul - the capital of Altay region - a great agricultural territory in the south of western Siberia. (1731; 658 000 inh.). Its a city there a lot of high-rise project pealised.

Barnaul. A view of a city centre. (June 2004)

Gorno-Altaysk. A capital of the Republic of Altay. Its a rather small and nice town in the north of Altay mountains. (1830; 53 000)

Gorno-Altaysk. A view of a town centre

Gorno-Attaysk. Orthodox Mission - a place of town origin
Mingitau said:
Kosh-Agach Rural District - its a territory in the south of Altay Republic in a borders with China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. The population is mixed: Kazakhs and Telengits - aboriginals. (Photos June 2004)

Chuya Basin - a wide intermountaion hollow in Altay

Kosh-Agach - a centre of a rural district (late 19 c; 5 500 inh.)

Kokorya - Telengit village. A typical view of apartments.

Severo-Cuysky Mountain Range from Kuray Basin
Mingitau said:
Salekhard - a centre of Yamalo-Nenetc Region (Yamalo-Nenetcky Autonomous Okrug). A very old town in the lower course of the Ob river. It divided into to parts by North Pole Curcle. (1595; 38 300) (photos July 2005)

Salekhard - a view from Poluy river

Salekhard - a view of a towm centre

Salekhard - a new buildiing appeared

Salekhard - LUKoil office building
Mingitau said:
The Lower course of the Ob river (photos July 2005)

Ob in evening...

Ob without banks... near Salekhard
Mingitau said:
Ural region - its an industrial core of Russia!

Ekaterinburg - the capital of Urals and the centre of Svedlovsk region. City №4 in Russia (1 335 000 inh., 1721). It was established on Iset' river as a steel enterprise.
In my opinion, Ekaterinburg has the second urban skyline in Russia, because it has some high-rise buildings and rapid development.

Ekaterinburg. City centre near first steel factory (May 2004)

Ekaterinburg. The headquater of Ural's branch of Russian Railways (May 2004)

Nizhniy Tagil. The second city in Sverdlovsk oblast and really very dirty and polluted place. (383 000 inh., 1722)

Nizhniy Tagil. A steel city -:(( (May 2004)
Mingitau said:
Chelyabinsk - the second city in Urals and the centre of Chelyabinsk region (1736, 1 095 000 inh.)

Chelyabinsk. City centre - public library and new business centre (July 2005)

Chelyabinsk. Kirov avenue - main pedestrian street (July 2005)

Chelyabinsk. New trade centre "Sinegor'e" near Railway Station (June 2004)

Chelyabinsk. A cultural centre of builders. (July 2005)

Chelyabinsk. Iron&Steel Works (July 2005)
Mingitau said:
The Republic of Bashkortostan - the biggest republic in Russian Federation and one of the main argicultural area.

Ufa - the capital of Bashkortostan. It is a rather beautiful city on Belaya (Adigel') river. (1574., 1 036 000 inh.)

Ufa. A Headquater of Uralsib Bank. (June 2004)

Ufa. An office building of Uralsib Bank (June 2004)

Oktyabr'skiy - a centre of oil producing industry in the west of Bashkortostan
(1937., 108 000 inh.)

Oktyabr'skiy. A City Hall (June 2004)

Oktyabr'skiy. It's a view of Ik river valley. Ik - is bouder of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. So, then we cross it by the bridge we need to change time in two hours, because the lower part of the image (with cows) its Tatarstan, where the +3 (of Greenwitch) time belt, and city and hill in the middle part of the image - its Bashokortostan with in +5 time belt. So you have great oppotiunities to meet New Year for several times in "two hour bridge via Ik river" -:))

Tuimazy. A town, near Oktyabr'skiy. (1912., 66 000 inh.)

Tuimazy. A Tatar Drama Theatre. (June 2004)

Tuimazy. ... Paris.... (June 2004)
Mingitau said:
Rural Bashkortostan (all photos - June 2004)

Stariy Tuimazy - a village in the west of the republic. The majoirity of population - Tatar. (1 200 inh.).

Arkhangel'skoe - a village in the central part of Bashkortostan. With Russian's, as ethnic majority. (5 600 inh.). Trees in a hill formed a signiature "ЛЕНИНУ 100 ЛЕТ" ("Lenin 100 year") -:))

Stagosubkhangulovo. A village in mountanious south-east of Bashkortostan, where 97% are Bashkir. (4400 inh.)

An entrance of Capova Cave - there the image's of neolitic people exist's.

A typical view of the Urals Mountains in the south-east of Bashkortostan
Mingitau said:
Kurgan - a city in Trans-Ural's area. A centre of Kurgan region in Tobol river. One of the most "unknown" russian regional centre's. (1662., 334 000 inh.)

Kurgan. A central (Lenin) city square. (July 2005)

Kurgan. A view from the bridge via Tobol river (July 2005)

Kurgan. A "Socialist Realism" style of buildings decoration (July 2005)

Kurgan. A typical view of city centre - several historic period's in one view. (July 2005)
Mingitau said:
Kaliningrad region - the most western region of Russia, former the territory of Germany (all photos February 22-24, 2006)

Kaliningrad (Keningsberg) - the centre of the region and the single city in Kaliningrad region, where live about 50% all total population of this territory. It was a very beautiful city before Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). Today only several buildings devoted to historic and cultical heritage.

Kaliningrad. Der Dom and the tomb of Immanuim Kant

Kaliningrad. Der Dom

Kaliningrad. New "Keningsberg Shloss" - an administrative building on the place of former Keningsberg Castle

Kaliningrad. King's Gate
Mingitau said:
Kaliningrad. Fortress №5 - Amber Museum

Kaliningrad. Modern Othrodox Cathedral on Victory Square

Kaliningrad. Modern Office Building in the city centre

to be continued...
Mingitau said:
Svetlogorsk (Raushen) - the main resort in Kaliningrad region on the Baltic Sea (1258, 11 000 inh.)

Svetlogorsk. Town Tower

Svetlogorsk. A typical view.

The Baltic in Svetlogorsk

Zelenogradsk (Krans) - small resort on Kurshskaya bar basement (1252, 12 300 inh)

Zelenogradsk. Town centre.

Baltiysk (Pillau) - the main Russian Marine Force Base on the Baltic Sea. (1519, 33 300 inh.)

Baltiysk. Town centre

Baltiysk. Peter the Great and Lighthouse

Baltiysk. Baltiyskaya bar - the top western point of Russia in terrible winter day

Sovetsk (Tilzit) - the second town in Kaliningrad region and rather interesing historic place (1288, 43 400 inh.)

Sovetsk. The main square

Gvardeysk (Tapiau). It has a single exist castle in Kaliningrad region - now its a prison -:(( (1265, 13 800 inh.)

Gvardeysk. Prison Castle
Mingitau said:
I'm a geographer and my specialization is Ecomonic and Human Geography of Russia. So I spend last 5 years at travelling, making field researchers and visiting conferences in different part's of Russia. I have a idea to visit a much as possible region's of Russia until I finish MSU. For today a was in 336 cities and towns in 75 of 88 regions of Russia. My aim - is not to visit it like a tourist; my purpose - to explore a new areas, because field trips - its a very valiable part of my education.
Tomorrow I'll depart from Moscow to London to participate in international conference. So, my next photo gallery will be after April 15.

Just great.

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Mingitau said:
Astrakhan region (all photos August 2005)

Astrakhan - a city in the Volga river delta. It is interested of its Kremlin and woodern streets. (XIII c., 501 000 inh.)

Astrakhan. The Kremlin, Red Tower

Astrakhan. Uspensliy Cathedral and Bell Tower in Kremlin

Astrakhan. Kosa - a city ditrict between Kremlin and Volga

Astrakhan. Ryabnaya sloboda - a city district of former fisher's.

Astrakhan. Kriushi - a city district of Tatars

Astrakhan. A typical view of the city centre.

Astrakhan Region. A semi-desert near Astrakhan
Mingitau said:
Rostov Region. A rather big industrial and agricultural area in the lower course of Don river. So this sub-cultural territory of Russia is often well-known as "Don" (all photos September 2005)

Rostov-on-Don. The biggest city in the Southern Russia. Founded as a custom on Don-river and as a Armenian settlement in 1749. Today it has 1 058 000 inh.

Rostov-on-Don. Railway station

Rostov Region. Don river near Rostov

Rostov Region. A fog over Aksay river

Rostov region. Tuzlov river near Novocherkassk

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