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Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang

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Old School
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Ryugyong Hotel
Pyongyang, North Korea

HEIGHT: 330m/1,083 feet
FLOORS: 105 floors
COMPLETION: 1991 ( Topping Out )
ARCHITECT: Baikdoosan Architects & Engineers

3000 room hotel that was never finished, but would have been the tallest hotel in the world at "completion"

The North Koreans began constructing the pyramid-shaped Ryugyong in 1987, reportedly aiming for 105 stories to beat out a structure the South Koreans were building in Singapore (not Kuala Lumpur). With 3,000 rooms and an estimated cost of $750 million, the thing was strictly an ego trip for North Korea's rulers--Pyongyang's few existing hotels were, and are, virtually empty. In 1991, some time after the Ryugyong had been topped out, work halted for unknown reasons, though "out of money" would be a good guess. The 3.9-millon-square-foot concrete structure is lit up at night, at least in propaganda pictures, but is thought to be crumbling.


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Height is no compensation for this one. Just looks like a, well an unfinished building in a newer type-yet-not communist bloc monolithic style.

0 for height and

0 for not being completed.

3 for style (or lack of it) and form.

2 for trying to be different, yet -1 for not achieving this completely.

Ummmm, calculating in head...... it to.........
.....almost there.......

UH! Ka-ching!!! Brings it to a total of 3; no, no, i mean 4.

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Sad to say that'll never get completed. :(

There are too many floors in this building for it's height, about 2.9m high for each floor.

It's way too wide and does not fit in with any other aurrounding buildings.


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As it is, it's an odd looking brown triangle that stands above all. 6.5/10

If it were finished, I'm sure it would have been a very impressive building all in glass like in that rendering in the last pic.

Man, this is so freakin' ugly. I'll give it a 10, however, because I don't want to upset the Dear Leader and be hauled off to a re-education camp!

Penang Skyscrapers Hunter
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not very nice

anyway, why is it counted as the 25th tallest skyscraper?? it is not completed!


Looks like the centre peice at some corn dog amusement park. Yet if I could visit 10 structures in the world this one would be on the list, it'd be awesome to see the decay and dellapadated state of the entrance.

A modern day ruin! Too bad it will never stand the test of time and is bound to crumble or at least whither away...

They should at least try to make it into something, like the world's tallest monument, they could have a contest out of the regular citizens and the winner would be the one the building stands in honour of... and when you die you could get buried beneath it. hehe

That's one of the ugliest buildings that could ever have been built, but because it's in Pyongyang, a city where color and decent urban design are surely illegal, it just looks like a taller extension of the terrain.

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