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S31 Hotel | 33 Storey | Sukhumvit

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Name : S31 Hotel aka Sukhumvit 31 Hotel (Tentative)
Location : Front of Soi Sukhumvit 31
Owner : @HOME
Project Description : 33 Storey Hotel development
Constuction Start : 1Q 2008
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I can't figure out that top part :tongue3:
Can see from this absolutely nothing happening with Crowne Plaza. Anyone know what's up with that project?
i think transfer of ownership is why the project is mothballed..
ok. now they start. it's sad. i really like modern showrooms.

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Big bit of land bottom left: any plans rumoured for it?
more and more shophouses get replaced by the highrises.

good isn't it?
but this one wasnt shophouse, it was very nice looking building..hehe :D
This one is actually named S31 Hotel .

a brother of S15 Hotel on soi 15.
They did a really great [email protected]

I'm expecting alot from this one..

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:eek:mg: they will start naming hotels like Nokia phone models....S15, S31 S700 -----N73, N95, N-Gage :hilarious
another huge graphic render to see.......looks disgusting.

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1 - 20 of 152 Posts
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