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Sabah State Railway Development news

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Sabah State Railway (SSR) is a railway system and operator in the state of Sabah in Malaysia. It is the currently the only rail transport system operating on the island of Borneo. The railway consists of a single 134km line from Tanjung Aru, near Kota Kinabalu, to the town of Tenom, in the Interior Division. It was formerly known as North Borneo Railway.

Locale Sabah, Malaysia
Dates of operation 1896–present
Track gauge 1,000 mm (3 ft 33⁄8 in) (Metre gauge)
Length 134 km
Headquarters Kota Kinabalu

The route
Main stations are indicated in bold.
Tanjung Aru

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I am not too keen with the colour though...its too contrasting...but, on the bright side its good that a new set of trains finally speed of 120 km/h ...not kinda look dated but then lets see how the train fares when it enters service
How many sets were purchased? This is good development for rail development in East Malaysia.:cheers:
Welcome nazrey!!

Shock of the nation here!!!
Many thanks Thomas.A
How many sets were purchased? This is good development for rail development in East Malaysia.:cheers:
Sabah Railway Department would purchase two locomotive Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) for passenger services and two locomotives for cargo, apart from obtaining three KTMB rail coaches that were being refurbished.
Quoted from the news article posted by nazrey, second post for this thread.

Sabah State Railway will only receive 2 sets of the DMU as stated in the article.
For a start, maybe.. these 2 sets of DMU can play the route Tg Aru(KK)-Papar/Papar-Tg Aru(KK) as commuter train.
I hope... gradually more unit will be acquire.

Any news on the Aeropod.?
From your photos, indeed, two DMU sets.
I don't think KK/Papar route has enough pax for business to sustain. I'm sure they'll be using it all the way to Tenom.
i can see the train on the newspaper report. But it looks old...
Railway services back on track soon

Thursday, January 07, 2010

CM Datuk Seri Musa said the locomotive head and cabins that arrived from China about two days ago would commence operations once the State Railways is satisfied that everything is in place.

The department would need about four weeks to assemble and test the new locomotives, which are part of the plan to upgrade railway services in the State.

On train services from Beaufort to Tenom that was suspended when a section of the track fell into the river in April 2008, he said the problem is still being resolved.

Authorities are deciding whether to rebuild the tracks near the spot or to re-route it.

Two people were killed when the train fell into the fast flowing Padas River after the tracks were washed away by severe soil erosion on the riverbanks.
New Diesel Multiple Unit(DMU) for Sabah State Railway

Some update here...

Seen at Tanjung Aru Station, transported from Sabah Port by Megalift.

Soon Operate for Sabah State Railway Department.

top speed of 120 km/h ...not bad...

So it gonna be 100Km/h for Sabah State Railway.

The first complete assembled set of DMU with Registration Train No 6602. Seen been shunted to nearby workshop at Tanjung Aru Station.

From your photos, indeed, two DMU sets.

The two units of Locomotive was seen at location too...
This photo looks as if KK is experiencing the same winter that London is currently!
haizzz, 100km/h only...probably because of the terrain?

There are many factors affecting line speed, like alignment, gauge, terrain, many more...depending on what situation.
i dont like the color scheme....better to color it as 'classic' like eastern oriental!

How long are the trains? 6 carriages?
The old Sabah State Railway pics..
From flickr

Another Sabah State Railway pics.!

Pardon me for the picture, was taken around twilight..

This photo looks as if KK is experiencing the same winter that London is currently!
How long are the trains? 6 carriages?
Each DMU is composed of one motor car with driver’s cab, a trail car with driver’s cab at one end and another two trail cars in the middle
3+1= 3 carriages + 1 motor car = 4

More Infor:
max speed, not max. cruising speed. Figure it will probably be around 80km/h cruising?

Cheers, m
haizzz, 100km/h only...probably because of the terrain?
Sabah Railways told to hurry up

Kota Kinabalu: The Sabah Railways Department and contractors of the over RM300 million railway upgrading project from Tanjung Aru to Tenom have been urged to expedite its completion.
Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri, who made the call, said the long overdue project needs to be completed immediately due to many complaints from the public who depend on the railway for transport.

He said the 134km project consists of two sectors, the first involving tracks from Tanjung Aru to Kimanis by Suria Capital Holding Berhad and that the progress of physical work now stood at 93 per cent.

The second sector involved upgrading work on the tracks from Kimanis to Tenom by Hikmat Asia Sdn Bhd and that the physical progress stood at 88 per cent.

"Basically, we want this project to be completed as soon as possible although there are several technical problems because it has been delayed since Nov 2005.

"In other words, the project has been delayed for about four years and there are many issues involved in the implementation of the project.

"Extension of time (EOT) had been given on Oct 2009 and now the EOT has already lapsed. Another EOT is yet to be given and it is already late," he said.

Abdul Rahim told a press conference after he was briefing by the project manager and consultants of the project at the operation room of the State Railways Department here, Friday.

Also present were Deputy Permanent Secretary to the Infrastructure Development Ministry Ahmad Hashim and State Railways Department General Manager Mohd Arshad Abdul Razak.

Abdul Rahim said the Ministry expects the upgrading work from Tanjung Aru to Beaufort to be at least completed within this year to facilitate the need for alternative public transportation.

He said rural villagers in Pangi, Rayoh and Tenom are the most affected as their villages have no access road.
Tenom Railway Station

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