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saddam's yacht (one of them) is back in Iraq

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The Ocean Breeze (also known as the Basrah Breeze), the yacht once owned by Saddam Hussein, is back in Iraqi waters after a long legal battle that determined that the yacht belonged to Iraq and not Jordan. The yacht was in France for a time but then went to Greece for renovations.

An article on ITN quotes Mehdi Ali, director general of the Iraqi Maritime Company who said that the damaged parts of the yacht were repaired and the yacht went through the Suez canal, to the United Arab Emirates and then home to Basra. Iraq plans to put the yacht back on the market again. It failed to sell in 2008 when it was priced at $30 million. It's not clear if the yacht's over-the-top gilled and marble decor has been updated. The yacht was launched in 1981 and included safety features like a bulletproof atrium with banquet seating for 200, two medical treatment centers and a mini operating theater, and a helipad. No word yet on how much the 269-foot yacht will be listed for this time.

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The other yachts that saddam had include:

THe al qadisiya river boat, built in Denmark

The Al Mansur Super Yacht built in Helsinki Finland.

and another one....
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Good to hear :)

Iraq should not sell it.. there are other ways of making money, I'm sure many wouldn't mind paying for a short cruise.

despite some the retro carpet / fittings, it's in excellent condition
BTW, do you know what happened to the other yachts ?
ermm. the mansur was sunk.

one was sold off I think.

the qadisiya river boat I don't know.
i dont think they should sell it either, they should turn it into a floating hotel for Basrah, like the QV2 plan in dubai
^^ I agree, i think that would be successful, i can see the rich and the famous enjoying Basra's shores in such a fancy boat.
This guy sure was rich!
he had access to Iraq's billions of dollars, of course he was rich!
A 269-foot yacht commissioned by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in 1981 has finally made its way home after spending decades on loan.

Iraq was at war with Iran when the yacht was finally finished in the 1980s, so Hussein never even had a chance to use it. He apparently lent the yacht, which was built in Denmark for about $25 million, to the royal families of Oman, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Then, in 2008, the yacht, with its gold-plated bathroom fixtures, a helipad and minisubmarine, went up for sale by a company partly owned by the King of Jordan. The Iraqi government fought the move and last year won the case in a French appeals court.

The yacht was then sent to Greece for renovations, says Iraqi Transportation Minister Amer Abdul Jabar Ismail, and then sailed to the southern port of Basra. The boat is currently the property of Iraq's Ministry of Transportation.

Plans for the boat are still unclear. Ismail says he wants it to be a museum. Other officials want to sell it. But people in Basra told NPR they doubt they'd ever see any of that money, that the new government taking shape in Iraq has the potential to be just as plutocratic as Saddam's.

As he plucks some trash that's stuck to the bottom of his shoe and hands it to an aide, Ismail says it's about time he had his turn. Under Saddam, he worked as an engineer on oil tankers. He remembers one day when his tanker pulled up next to one of Saddam's other yachts.

"The captain of this Saddam yacht told me, 'Please, I need some assist, we need repair.' I speak, 'Yes,' because I can't refuse," Ismail says.

But then one of Saddam's henchmen appeared. After that, Ismail was detained and interrogated for an entire day.

Ismail eventually was let go — with a threat: " 'If I see you again, I kill you,' " Ismail says he was told.

Now, Ismail says, the tables have turned.

"But now, I stay here — in Saddam's position. You see? Now I receive Saddam's salon, Saddam's bedroom," he says. "I read in the Koran. I sleep in the bed. I use bathroom. I use everything here."
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some details about all three yachts from the manufacturer.
Lol son of a bitch saddam he was a real srbut
Ali - Iraq said:
Lol son of a bitch saddam he was a real srbut
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