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Safranbolu is a town boasting a glorious collection of old
Ottoman houses, with a rich collection of pieces of art which
represent traditional Turkish life and culture. Its rich history and
success in preserving it earned the town an inclusion on the UNESCO
World Heritage List.

Best known for its old Turkish houses, the town is attracting
more attention especially as these 19th century
homes are gradually disappearing from other areas of
Turkey. Visitors enjoying walking along the old
narrow cobbled streets, and seeing some of the
traditional crafts and trades that are still practised
today. It is also known as the Capital City of Preservation,
acknowledging its ability to hold onto not only pieces of art,
but also the atmosphere.


Previously known as Paphlagonia, Safranbolu took its name from
saffron and has hosted many different civilisations in its history including Romans, Byzantines,
Seljuks and Ottomans. It was conquered by the Turks in 1196.
The town reached its economic and cultural peak during
the Ottoman Empire, partly because its position as an important
stop on the Istanbul to Sinop trade route in the 17th
century improved the commerce and wealth of the region.
During this period it had close relations with Istanbul
and Kastamonu, and state officials from the Ottoman
Palace had important pieces of art in Safranbolu.
The wealthy inhabitants of the town built large houses
made from wood and stucco, many of which still survive.
During the 19th century nearly 25% of the population were
Ottoman Greeks, who left after World War I.


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"bakı noktası" kavramını onlar mı bulmuş sen mi söyledin?

Çok hoşuma gitti :)

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An 8 Centuries-Old Turkish City

Safranbolu is a unique place that deserves to be on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. Its proud historical legacy still stands to the full extent.

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