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[Saigon] Construction Updates 2021

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Năm mới tạo thread mới, đóng thread cũ đã hết nhiệm kỳ 5 năm.:cheers:
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hồ bơi nào đây nhỉ

White building at the back looks a lot like The Easter City in Bình Chánh, from the orientation and look building under construction construction could be Saigon Mia. But there's no building matching the position that I can think about, and clearly none with a rooftop pool. Where is this picture from ?
Wow Ha Long sắp có tháp đôi 88 tầng, vậy là cái 88 tầng của SÀi Gòn sẽ thành dĩ vãng

This looks like the typical project that will drag on for decades then never be done, or with a random/boring 40 floors tower instead.
Company has a capital of only 40 millions USD, and main owner already had big problems with justice (went to jail a few years) for not respecting project license in Nha Trang.
Small company needing hundreds of millions of US$ to make the project while main company owner is infamous for a smaller scale project in Nha Trang, it's going to be difficult to find investors...
khung mặt bê tông này là thể loại của thời 1950-60
đường Hàm Nghi có đầy hết và chờ ngày đập mà sao công trình mới xây lại làm thế này
Maybe for me, I like it :p
Old-school facade changing from the boring glass panels, but modern interior with lot of natural light and open volume.

Does someone has a logical explanation for the extra "i" in signal to make signial ? :dunno:
nhìn cái này nhớ tới tòa nhà gì đó gần cầu Phú Mỹ mà vây tròn như cái sân vận động^^
không biết tòa nhà đó xong chưa hay chỉ xây vài phần rồi dừng
It was first called Everrich 2 :

Then relaunched by Angia as RiverCity

And then they gave up

Great that it will finally somehow be finished.
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Buidling was abandoned for a decade, now acquired by Coop

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It had its own thread 8 years ago :D
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