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SAIGON | IFC One Saigon | 42 fl | 195.3m | U/C

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Originally the 6,000 square meter site near the Thu Ngu flagpole on Ton Duc Thang Street belonged to Cot Co Thu Ngu Co, a US$25 million 75:25 joint venture between France's Feal International and Saigontourist. In 1997, just after the hotel's foundations were laid, the Asian financial crisis broke out and put what was hoped to be a temporary hold on the project. A lack of capital has left the site dormant ever since. The new owners estimate the cost of the mall and 40 story tower at USD$60 million. The apartments will all have three bedrooms and range in size from 150 to 200 square meters.
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I really like the design. When willl they start this project?
Big pond, last time i checked
i think this one still waitting for land clearance too.....judging from the design this one will cover the entire block....on Ngo DUc Ke street there's still 3 banks buildings...1 of the building used to be the first american embassy in saigon..(they all needed to be demolished?)
Nghe noi Saigon Square cung sap phai doi di, vay no doi di dau? Saigon Square la cho shopping vui nhat, minh muon no bu len gap doi chu khong phai bi doi di :(
Great building
Con doi di dau nua dang lam mong ma
Mới nãy đi ngang wa khu Saigon Square, đã bắt đầu đập rồi ^_^. Vui vui
Còn bluemilky ơi, Saigon Square chứ ko phải Saigon Times Square (là Larkhall) đang xây dựng. Lộn chuồng rồi :D
con cai bonday benthanh dap roi, bay gio dang tiep tuc lam viec hay la dap roi de do nghi choi giong hoi truoc?

2 cai toa nha 20 tang o duong Nguyen Huu canh cua "thanh nien" gi do xay tren, bay gio xay chua?

ben Q.4 bay gio hinh nhu co 5 buildings dang xay, not counting the one near Cau Ong Lanh, behind the church.

con cai gi nua nhi?
Nhin khu vuc Vietcombank dang xay ma trong nhu bai dat hoang do may bac VN lam an cham chap we
nguyen dinh chieu 4 , 20 storeys buildings

majestic expansion, any news?

can someone take pictures of the Kumho , finnacial and Rex hotel from above?

tell me any project in this website will come true anytime soon?
am I alone or someone else here has problem loggin in too?
so slow eh?
New project ( Saigon M&C Tower )!!!!!! I think it's over 50 storeys :) but still u/c

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this site in august was a big pond,u could fish there.
Is it better now? Any progress so far?
it's funny huh.......Nguyen Hue boulevard used to be a canal.....the French filled it to pave a street....and now they want to dig up the boulevard to build 4-5 storeys underground parking lot.

so was Ham Nghi boulevard......and now they're digging it up again to building buildings.
dig up, then dig down, then dig up, then dig down........chóng cả mặt
ah bang , 2 cai toa nha 20 tang cho duong Nguyen Huu Canh hinh nhu dang bi "treo" cho do dang la 1 khu dat hoang tan ko cay co ko may moc.....giong tinh trang cua Horizon tower wa :(
Hai Van Nam Building 22F

Hai Van Nam dau tu xay dung Building cho thue 22F tren duong Ham Nghi. Dang thiet ke, du dinh khoi cong vao cuoi nam nay
Any updates everyone? Has this one risen above ground yet? We've been waiting for so long!
I personally think that members (blue milk and saigonlily) who can give us updates shouldn't waste more of their time and effort on other small projects; instead they should save those time and effort for giving us updates on tall projects like this M&C tower, Times Square, and Saigon FT.
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