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Salmaniya Garden to be revamped

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Hi, well I don't know why it took them this long to notice that this park actually needs serious revamping. I mean for years, the park was great, but then it just got older and older and those guys are sleepin. Anyways, since they decided to think about it, this is what I read:

Facelift for Water Garden

WORK on redeveloping the Water Garden, in Salmaniya, is expected to begin by year-end.The aim is to turn the 40-year-old park into a theme attraction and natural park.

Drawings are expected to be completed before the end of next month and the designs will be presented to the Manama Municipal Council for approval.

"Development work is expected to begin at the end of the year, as work on another old park is still pushing ahead," said council technical committee chairman Sadiq Rahma.

"The Municipalities and Agriculture Affairs Ministry is carrying out the development work on both projects, under the supervision of the council.

"We are keen on having a good project, considering the place is visited by people throughout the year.

Mr Rahma said one of the biggest problems facing the park was the lack of parking space.

"Car parks there can accommodate up to 200 cars, but in a place where up to 10,000 people visit during weekends and public holidays, there should be a solution to this problem," he said.

"The two mosques nearby, Al Sadiq and Kanoo, are facing a problem there because they don't have adequate car parking space and are either using Dairy Queen car park, or the parking area behind Al Qadisiya Club.

"Car parking area near Al Sadiq's is not owned by the mosque and it could be taken away any time.

'The owner who has given the Works and Housing Ministry permission to use the land for car parking, could decide to take it away, unless bought for the mosque."

Mr Rahma said the two ponds in garden would be either renovated, or drained.

"The ponds need treatment because, over the years they have become a haven for insects and worms, including bacteria, and pose a danger to visitors," he said.

But Mr Rahma said new design would focus on greenery and drive will be to plant as much trees and flowers to make it a haven for people to enjoy.

The owner of the rides at the park has been asked to buy new ones, to meet the new standards, he said.

"The rides there are old and needs replacement," he said.

"That doesn't mean they are not liked by people, but their time has come to an end and they should be replaced with new similar ones.

"New rides could be also an addition, considering visitors are also looking for a change to the old rides they have used continuously.
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its about damn time! and they should built a multi storey car park to solve that problem!
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