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Salvador is one of Brazilian most beautiful cities. Here I post some pics I've taken there, previously published at Panoramio. Hope you like it!

Built along the XVIII Century by slaves and ex-slaves of African origin, the beautiful "Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos" Church dominates Pelourinho Square's landscape, in Salvador Old Town.

Another view of "Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos" Church, at Pelourinho Square. Its baroque features mix the Portuguese tradition with some Indian influences, mainly in the towers.

A view of Salvador Old Town, captured from the entrance of "Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos" Church.

Here is an example of typical portuguese colonial architecture in Salvador: the City Council Palace, built in 1640. It is located in the very heart of Salvador Old Town (Upper Town), close to other impressive buidings.

Portuguese Library of Salvador, at Piedade Square. Inaugurated in 1918, it is a gorgeous "neomanuelino" building, consisting in one of the prettiest examples of this architectural style outside Portugal.

Fórum Ruy Barbosa (Palace of Justice), at Campo da Pólvora Square.

Monument to the Independence, at Campo Grande Square.

Monument to the Independence, at Campo Grande Square (detail).
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Very nice, more people should see this thread.Salvador look's like a town with a lot of character. More than can be said about a lot of place's you see on this forum.
Excellent photos, lovely architecture, one of my favourite types I have to say. I'd love to see more Brasilian cities on the forum and perhaps even more of this one! Great shots.
Wow, salvador seems really nice!!
a city of magic :cheers:
Salvador is a very special city, for its people, history, culture and beauty. Thanks for your visit and comments!
I'm glad you like the pics. Salvador is a very special city, with a strong Afro-Brazilian heritage. It deserves a visit, for sure. Thanks for your comments!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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