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Salvador da Bahia and metro area.

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I decided to post here some photos of the blackest city out of Africa.
Salvador is a city full of social contrasts and it's not hiden like in south african cities for example. The rich and poor neighborhoods fights for it's space in a peninsula with 706,8 km². Salvador is a city of 3 millions ( the third biggest city in the country ) and it's metro area has something about 4,5 million people. The city has the biggest demographic density in Brazil, in other words, it has a horrible traffic. The city's HDI is 0,805. In some neighborhoods the IDH is something about 0,957 while in others it can get to 0,270.
Salvador has 461 years old, and it was the first Brazilian capital city. I'll add more data about the town in other posts.

Most of all pics I intend to post here were taken by me, and i'll put the credits for the other ones.

Lets start.

In this pic we can clearly see Pernambués slum behind onde of the city's financial districts. A "freeway" separates the slum from the buildings. Something about 300 meters.
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These are not mine.

Marcelo Prais

Denise Alves

Another impressive pic with the social contrast in evidence.

Marcelo Prais



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These last ones are a courtesy by leonardo Lopez

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Now I'll show you some pics I took inside slums. I have more, but I don't remember in which pen drive I put them, but I'll post them later.

First of all, I guess I have the obligation to say something about the life and the history of these places. The slums are a consequence of centuries of political negligence. With the end of slavery, the poor ex-slaves had nowhere to go, so they start to ocuppate difficult acess areas of the towns like the hills and some districts far away from the center. Some years later, a part of the european imigrants that came to Brazil looking for better life conditions and decided to stay at the cities ( especially São Paulo ) and work at the factories had no other choice than live in the slums. After it, when 80% of the brazilian population started to live in town, the slums grew faster and now it's out of control.
But today, the life in those places is much better than it used to be in 90's for example. The slums inhabtantes have eletricity in their houses, television, fridge etc... The hungry is not a reality anymore. They don't eat caviar, carpaccio or sushi, but they have condittion to buy their food as well. The sewer system is not the best, but it exist there. Anyway we have to improve a lot with social development.

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Still fighting against the windmills, D. Quixote? :D
Wow! It's so different from the rest of Brazil! Thanks for that.
Actually it is as different as Melbourne is from Sydney. You're welcome. :D
are you crazy?
Didn't you get it buddy?
I got, but I think it's madness anyway. :D
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sometimes I feel the same but I never made a new account just to tell it. :lol:
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