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Samut Prakan | Chao Phraya River's Mouth Province

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I just wonder why not manyone talking about 3 of them.....Maybe three of these provinces are very closed to Bkk then many one forget about these three important provinces....please show something about it!!!

@Nonthaburi skyline

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Awesome pics you got Bentown.

Nonthaburi looks lively and not chaos as in Bangkok.
The Dhammakaya temple in Samutprakran looks nice. But the one in Pathumthani is the first one and probably is the biggest one in Thailand. Correct?
^^My bad........It's only one Dhammakaya temple in Pathumthani but I just typed it wrong place first time......:)
Ah! There is only one Dhammakaya in Thailand.

It's big and beautiful. Thanks for the pics!
that big dom is so scary anyone herd of it??

many rich people likes to go there and spend all their money on this temple..

i herd from news.. scary..
55 i herd you mean Dhammakaya temple ...^^
@Samutprakran...Acient town...เมืองโบราณ

photo by hawanta

The world biggest outdoor museum now!!!!

Photo by Spaceweb

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i used to live in samutprakan 55 now i live in nonthaburi nice pics of nonthaburi :D
Dhammakaya temple from the ground :)

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you know why they built Dhammakaya temple in that shape?
so they can communicate with the UFO
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