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Start Date: Q4 2013

Primary Use: Condominium

Secondary Use: Commercial

Units/Rooms: 965

Stories: 4-45

Height: 60-479 feet

Square Footage:

Residential: 716,868

Retail/Commercial: 17,127

Price Restricted Units? Yes, 72

Parking: 1,056 spaces

Architect: IBI Group

Developer: Pinnacle Bayside Development US, LP


The Pinnacle Towers is a commercial and residential development that offers a highly resolved urban and architectural solution.

The building has four major components: a five-storey podium with commercial and residential amenities at ground level and residential uses above; a 45-storey residential `Tower-1’ to the south; a 45-storey residential `Tower-2’ to the north; a five-storey below grade parking structure; and a public park to the west totaling approximately 1,000,000 sq ft.

Downtown poised for housing revival


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I was thinking the same thing. Nice looking towers.

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The height restriction in San Diego is 500 ft not 479 ft.. So they're 145 meters tall.
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