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Twin tower complex planned downtown

Zephyr Partners' $250m project marks further reboot of eastward downtown growth
June 17, 2014

A $250 million, full-block development, announced Tuesday, could dramatically remake the eastern side of downtown’s Broadway corridor.

The two 32-story towers and hotel-residential-retail project, to be developed by locally based Zephyr Partners, would be located in an area that has seen little improvement since downtown revitalization began 40 years ago.

Not only is the 750,000-square-foot project one of the biggest announced in recent months downtown, but it also would be among the first to proceed since the state abolished redevelopment agencies developers depended on to rebuild in urban centers.

“We’re very bullish on projects downtown and want to participate in the next wave of development,“said Zephyr co-CEO Brad Termini.

Zephyr closed escrow Friday for $21.1 million on the block bounded by Seventh and Eighth avenues, Broadway and C Street. The block is best known for many years as the location of the Wahrenbrock Bookhouse used bookstore.
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