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This is my last USA trip thread as, well, pics are actually depleted ahha.

Now we're in San Francisco, California (oh crap, I forgot the flower... haha :(). Anyway, what can I say? Pics talk for themselves, but just some comments. San Francisco is a very beautiful, very pleasant, very fancy and also very "relaxing" city. Downtown is gorgeous, buildings are very beautiful, nice stores, nice urbanism, Union Square rocks, etc. The Golden Gate bridge was a bit frustrating at night, but during the day, when you can actually SEE it (there aren't many lights at night) it's just what it is: a MONUMENT! Especially when you think that it was built back in the beginning of the 20th century and how many people died building it. Nob Hill has a VERY impressive view, does anyone know its exact height? Well, I can tell it's high ahha. I really liked Pier 39, what a nice place, somewhere u can go in the weekend with ur family just hang around and you'll have a great time, very nice place.

I've already talked too much, here u are the picssss

01 - Arriving in San Francisco

03 - View from the hotel (Holiday Inn - Civic Center)

04 - Fisherman's Wharf at night

06 - Idem

07 - Golden Gate at night. One of my first nightshots, not so good :( Short exposure

08 - Downtown SF from Vista Point (accross the bay, to the North)

09 - I don't really know which buildings are these, but they're great hehe

10 - City Hall I think

11 - Same as Picture #9

12 - Trees, trimmed lawn, good...

13 -

14 - Nob Hill

15 - Another one

16 - Towards the top

17 -

18 - Big hotel at the top. I've noticed that the best and most well kept buildings are actually in the high parts of the city (cept downtown)

19 -

20 -

22 - Pretty houses

24 - Golden Gate during the day, a bad day by the way :(

25 - Downtown San Francisco

26 -

28 - Lombard Street

29 - Only one car at a time. Nice houses eh?

30 - Just some random street in San Francisco (close to Lombard)

31 - Downtown SF from Coit Tower

32 - Here u can see Lombard Street and some of SF's relief

33 - Pier 39

34 - Pier 39

35 - Pier 39

36 - Pier 39

37 - Pier 39

38 - Pier 39 (2nd floor)

40 - Downtown! Looks a bit like NYC for what I remember from NYC

41 - Fancy street, very busy (it was SUNDAY!)

42 - Downtown

43 - Again

44 - Besides Union Sq.

45 - Union Square, a hotel I think, very nice place

46 - This is in the other side

48 - Walking in Downtown

49 - Buildings :cool:

50 -

51 -

52 -

53 -

54 -

56 -

57 -

58 -

59 -

60 - Notice the people in the streets, I was all impressed (for a Sunday!)

61 - Buildings, very beautiful ones

62 -

63 -

64 -

65 -

66 -

67 -

68 - Arriving on Market St. (seems it's the main one in town)

69 - More buildings

70 -

71 - Last pic in downtown, batteries are depleted :(

72 - The Embarcadero, close to the piers

73 - At the Embarcadero

74 -

75 - Metreon, some entertainment place, more like a games thing. I should have gone to the IMAX theater, we don't have any in Brazil, screens are huge, aren't they? (btw Metreon itself doesnt appear in this pic haha)

76 - Another one close to Metreon.

That's pretty much it! Thanks! ;)

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A beaut!

SF has to be one of the most urban, cosmopolitan and most pcturesque cities in the world. I am very impressed by your pics. Too bad, you did not have clear blue skies. SF is even more beautiful when its sunny. I also love the surrounding areas around San Fran. Got any of those??

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grachtengordeldier said:
Beautiful pics, but Sf look a bit depressing to me ...hardly any people in the streets...and all grey buildings.
LOL, I had he reverse impression, many people in the streets!

Urbandeco: Nah, we didn't get to go to San Jose, Oakland or any other cities in the bay.

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The pics of Golden Gate Bridge are fantastic! And I must say I love the city :)

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schmidt said:
LOL, I had he reverse impression, many people in the streets!

Urbandeco: Nah, we didn't get to go to San Jose, Oakland or any other cities in the bay.
now you know that if you want a lot of replies to your threads, post pics of an american city, cuz when we post pics of brazilian cities, half the posts are brazilians upping the thread :(

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Haha, this is the longest rainy season in years so Ive heard, thats bad luck with the weather, however you still got beautiful pictures of the city.

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^^ Well, at least I was lucky when I was in Vegas and Los Angeles :)

What I want now, actually after going to Europe in 2008, is to make a road trip from Vancouver (Canada) to San Diego and stop in cities like Seattle, Portland, San Fran and some other cities...
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