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Flight report Tucumán - Córdoba in B 737-700 of Aerolíneas Argentinas

Flight: AR1586
Origin: Tucumán (TUC)
Destination: Córdoba (COR)
Duration: 1 hour
Occupation: 97%
Plane: B - 737-700
Date of flight: March 30, 2018
Takeoff time: 9:05 hs.
Landing time: 10:10 hs.

Flight map:

I woke up early for a quiet breakfast in a downtown bar

From there we called a taxi that was waiting for us to begin the journey.

At that time the parking sector was already complete

An external view of "Teniente Benjamin Matienzo"


KTM doing marketing

The airlines that currently operate in TUC: Flybondi, Andes, Aerolineas Argentinas and LATAM

A general view of the main hall

Another sector of the airport

At this time there was the pre-boarding of a flight from LATAM to Aeroparque by door 4

The information of arrivals of the day and those of the following day

and the takeoffs

We went to check in that at that time there were few people

The migration sector that we dodge

We had to embark by door 1 that is on the first floor as we accessed by manga

Our plane was already waiting for us

Tripcase told me that everything was in order

A model of the Historic House. In this place the Argentine Independence was declared on July 9, 1816. This place is an icon of the city and the country.

The pre-boarding area was covered

Shipping began

At that time came an Airbus 320 from LATAM from Aeroparque

That after I saw him parked

Already inside the telescopic sleeve

My seat was 5D but I went to the bottom of the plane to take a picture. The flight was almost full, I only saw 3 or 4 empty seats.

Being a short flight of 1 hour there is no service on board. It was quiet, with good weather. Take advantage of reading the magazine "Alta en el Cielo" that is published every month, here a note on San Miguel de Tucumán

The space between legs is fine, I measure 1,83

Within minutes of taking off I was able to make this shot of the city

Some places in the province, here highlights the mountain range "Nevados del Aconquija". It is so named because its highest peaks have ice and eternal snow. Much of the year they are like this because of their altitude (5,500 meters, the highest peak).

Some cities in the province of Tucumán, I could recognize Concepción, Monteros and Famaillá

They told me that other times they entered COR by manga, this time it was not the case

At the same time, 3 flights arrived from AEP, JUJ and TUC

We removed luggage and went to take the Arbus

A comfortable, quiet flight. It is a route with good demand and good indices of occupation, with good hours (the idea at 9 o'clock, the return at 19 o'clock) currently only operated by AR a daily flight in B - 737 that in the future can be operated by Avian Lineas Aereas and LATAM.
As for the airport today is small but the important thing is that in October of this year begin the remodeling works that will last 3 months. The project foresees an area of 15,000 m2 covered

It will be divided into hall of departures, arrivals and commercial area. Here the renders

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