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Costanera Center

I’m pleased to present you the project for the Southamerica’s tallest skyscraper and Latinamerica’s tallest office building. With its 60 floors and 257 metres (843 feet) height is going to be an urban and architectonic landmark for Santiago...

The tallest tower is part of a huge commercial complex that includes 2 hotels ( 35 floors), 1 mall, 2 markets, cinemas, and parking places for 4500 vehicles. This tower will surpass to the recently announced “Torre Portada de Vitacura” (181 mts. 593.83 ft.) over 70 mts. (229.65 ft.).

This project was announced a few days ago, with a great expectancy in press media, being its more significant fact that the Chile’s President, Ricardo Lagos was invited by Horst Paulmann, president of Cencosud group, owner of this project, to the inaugural ceremony of construction works.


The total cost of the 600.000 m² complex is 300 million dollar.

*4 level Mall
*200 satellite commercial places.
*2 level ”Jumbo” supermarket 15.000 m².
*”Easy” home & construction market.
*”Santa Isabel” supermarket.
*Retail ( “Paris” & “Ripley” ) commercial stores.
*Food garden with Panoramic view for 2.000 people.
*”Paseo Gatronomico” with a cofee and restaurants promenade .
*14 “Movieland” cinemas.
*”Aventura” Center with Bowling lanes
*5 level parking places for 4.500 vehicles.

Construction info:

Great tower professionals:

Pelli - Clark - Pelli, one of the world’s high rises and skyscrapers most prestigious architects, author of:
Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, 2WFC in Hong Kong.

Thornton - Tomasetti, estructural engineers. Works: Taipei 101, Petronas Towers.

Professionals involved in this urban development:

Alemparte & Barreda y Asociados, one of the most prestigious architecture offices of Chile
Watt International, a Canadian design office with great experience on Cencosud projects (owner of Costanera Center).
Rene Lagos y Asociados, estructural engineer with a vast experience and prestige in Chile.


The tower will be located among several under construction high rise projects of Las Condes and Providencia districts:

Thanks to, Pablo Ateaga, erlucho (master), Poroto, chilean forumers...

Courtesy of erlucho

Seen from San Cristobal Hill

View from Costanera Avenue

Night panoramic view

Night street level view


Inauguration ceremony
Pictures courtesy of Pablo Ateaga

Newspaper images of this project:
(Las Ultimas Noticias)


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I´m impressed of this proyect. Definitelly this proyect is going to change the image of our country capital Santiago. Finally the country gets a huge sksycraper after many years of a faster economic growing.
I´m also impressed about the complex design, is going to have a very good looking, very modern and imposing, Cesar Pelli did a great work.

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finally, a phallus we can all be proud to shake at the world! !VIVA CHILE! finally, the race for the skies is on in santiago. we can expect more projects of significant height in the next few years to fill up our nascent skyline.

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Very nice job Javier... the information will let people know about this great building. Like everybody in Chile, I'm very proud of this. Great design, great height, great idea :)
Congratulations to you all mates!

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Cool!!, now, not only is Chile Latin America's ( that region that includes the countries from Mexico all the way to Argentina... for those who forgot their geography lessons) most avdanced country, but now they have got the tallest skyscraper in the region too.


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Great news! Santiago is developing fast, and this skyscraper is perfect for the city. To a European like myself it is kind of funny how these skyscrapers are popping up in Providencia instead of downtown, but I guess that makes perfect sense in South America. I remember being at a rotating restaurant in top of one of the existing skyscrapers in the area (overlooking a party street called "La Suecia" or something), and hope this new skyscraper will have a restaurant on top as well.

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One of the world's most beautiful buildings that U/C.

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without doubts, spectacular,wonderful with this it gives a seal him of the true development that has experienced the city.
Demonstrated that Santiago in these I complete time takes the tendency of the in Latinoamerica,this to the vanguard , the tower is beautiful and the surroundings that accompanies it, make see themselves majestic

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^^ Dear friend datilguy:

These two districts: Providencia & Las Condes, actually are the most booming places in our city, they have all new high rises new developments, because the old Santiago's CBD has changed to residential buildings. So the new city's centre is located between these two dictricts, that means to me a stunning change of the entyre city...

Thank you... :)
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