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Sarıyer, İstanbul

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nur findik-

ali basarir
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Sarıyer is a fisher neigbourhood at the ned of the Bosphorus, near the Black Sea. I love Sarıyer very much :eek:kay:
sariyer is one of my favorite neighbourhoods in Istanbul, its not far away from city centre, and its not just near it too, perfect location, beatiful residentials and clean sea:eek:kay:
fantastic place.
I loved the pics :)

Sariyer boregi

I adore Sariyer Boregi.. It's a kinda pastry, tipical Turkish cuisine specialty. And of course beautiful photos.. Sariyer's tipical yali and Kiosks matchless indeed.
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Sariyer is my home town. There are more churches in downtown Sariyer-Buyukdere than mosques. An old diverse town that protected its genuine Istanbuler architecture with many affluent sophisticated people.
Sariyer is long-lost beloved for me ... oceans apart...
evler, cevre cok guzel...ahmak herifler kaldirim ve caddeleri unutuyorlar, bir dogru durust kaldirim ve cadde yapamiyorlar istanbulda, yaziklar olsun.
Sariyer from Yusa Hill

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Icy , Is that pic from a pine tree? Such a good boy! We need many more pics for this old town . Daglara , tepelere tirmanin , kayalara tutunun gidin yine de cekin. Agac tepelerine cikin , kiremitlerin uzerinde yuruyun , varsin cilgin desinler , daha fazla ve kaliteli filmler cekin , bekliyoruz (Bu da bir Sariyerli'nin apacik bir doldurusudur:yes:)
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