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Saudi Arabia, Thanks.

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I would like to represent all Chinese forumers in SCC and sincerely thank the government and people of Saudi Arabia for your exceptionally generous donation to help the people who suffered from recent strong earth quake in China.

Again we thank you, our Arab brothers.
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In response to our Chinese brothers we accept your thanks and offer our prayers to all the people in need in the southwest Sichuan province.
thanks for your generous donation to help china in most difficult time. again thanks you.
thanks a millions million to you. we will always remeber your kindness.
Saudi Arabia, Thanks, a great country full of Oil and kind and generous ppl :p
Arabs are true friends of China. 1.3 billion of Chinese people feel an immense gratitude to our Arab brothers for their extraordinary generosity. :eek:kay:
great stuff, they did a lot for Pakistan's earthquake as well.

Good idea by the chinese forumers to have this thread !!
^^ absolutely...

i hope the friendship stays strong and is mutually beneficial to both parties :)

Our prayers go out to victims of the earthquake and those still in dire need of help..
Saudi-Chinese relationships (official and public) is witnessing a rapid growth, although it has started only during mid 80s.

As a Saudi, I am touched by your thank, hoping that some Arabs who deny Saudi aids may learn from you.
I like this friendship. Saudi Arabia also funded 500m$ for World Food Programme.
It's nice to see that Arab countries are always helping those countries who needed help ..
great stuff, they did a lot for Pakistan's earthquake as well.

Good idea by the chinese forumers to have this thread !!
absolutely :)

Can someone give details of the help??
who in earth don't luv china :D
absolutely :)

Can someone give details of the help??

South Asia

After the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and the resulting massive tsunamis, the Saudi government gave $30 million in aid to aid the victims, including a $5 million private donation by King Fahd (Saudis in total, including citizens, donated more than $80 million).

In the aftermath of the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, Saudi Arabia donated over US$3.3 million more than any other country, and promised an additional $573 million, also the maximum amount of money pledged. Saudi Arabia also provided 4000 pre-fabricated houses to Pakistan through the Saudi Public Assistance for Pakistan Earthquake Victims (SPAPEV). The houses, which were to be equipped with all required facilities, cost over $16.7 million. The SPAPEV also distributed 230,000 blankets, 150,000 quilts, 10,000 ordinary tents, 2,500 special winterized water proof tents, 100,000 stoves, 100,000 food.

The Saudi government pledged $230 million to development in Afghanistan. It has also pledged $133 million in direct grant aid, $187 million in concessional loans, and $153 million in export credits for Pakistan earthquake relief.
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