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SAVILLE MELAWATI | Kuala Lumpur (Melawati) | Completed (2013)

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Developer : Metro Kajang
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1) Residence Suites from 901 sqft to 1,937sqft Price from RM280,000.00 onward
2) Ground Floor Commercial Shop & 1st Floor Office as 1 unit from 3,011 sqft to 4,137sqft Price from RM1.8 million onward
project started...
this project is almost topping up
this project is almost topping up
really? that's fast!
2 February 2014

20140202_181905_wm by Izz_R, on Flickr

20140202_181923_wm by Izz_R, on Flickr
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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