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same project??

shanged1 said:
Has this been resolved ... believe it refers to the same project ??

Thursday August 12, 2010
Residents want land to remain a green lung
[email protected]

A group of residents is protesting against the proposed development of two
26-storey condominium blocks
located on the Kuala Lumpur side of Bukit Gasing.
The condominium blocks consists of 408 units and 18 semi-detached villas.
The project involves an increase in population density from 20 people per acre
to 332.
A group of Kuala Lumpur residents accompanied by Joint Action Committee for
Bukit Gasing chairman Derek Fernandez, Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah, Batu MP
Tian Chua, PKR Federal Territory chief Datuk Zaid Ibrahim and several MBPJ
councillors handed over a petition signed by 921 Lembah Pantai residents,
including the Selangor government and the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ)
objecting to the proposed development in Kampung Kerinchi.
The petition was handed over to Kuala Lumpur mayor’s special officer Md Aznam
Zain at the DBKL lobby yesterday.
In black and white: (From left) Pantai Hill Park resident Dr Teo Keng Huat and
Fernandez handing over the petition to Md Aznam at the DBKL lobby yesterday.

The residents were upset when they saw a notice in a local daily last month
calling for objections to be made to DBKL.
“What was more shocking is that there is a 15-fold increase in population
density in the area which is inconsistent with what the Kuala Lumpur Structure
Plan 2021 and the Draft KL Plan have stated,’’ said Fernandez.
He said the plans proposed low density for the area but the residents had
wanted it to remain a green lung and hence objected to it.
They had submitted the objections last year and now the DBKL is considering an
application to increase the density.
“We want the mayor to keep the promises made to the people to preserve the
green lung as 921 people are directly affected by the development.
“In order for the people to exercise their right to be heard we are requesting
for the proposed layout plan, traffic assessment report and development impact
proposal to be made available to the public,’’ said Nurul Izzah.
Pantai Hill Park resident Mohd Ali said if the project was approved he would
take about two hours to come out of his aparment.
“There will be more traffic congestion, accidents and landslides. They cannot
increase the density,’’ he said.
Jasmine Tan, who is also living in the area, said DBKL had promised to honour
its promise to preserve the green lung on the KL side of Bukit Gasing.
“DBKL does not have enough green lungs to sustain its population, and Kerinchi
is one of the most densily populated areas in KL and hence something must be
done to stop this development,” she said.
Saville Bangsar @ The Park
launching tomorrow
[email protected] Park Bangsar achieves 65% take-up rate
By Haziq Hamid of
Friday, 27 April 2012 15:57

KUALA LUMPUR (April 27): [email protected] Park Bangsar, a joint venture (JV) development between MKH Bhd and Amona Metro Development Sdn Bhd, has achieved a take-up rate of 65% since its official launch in March.

The development, in which MKH has a 60:40 share, is located on a 5.23 acres (2.1ha) of freehold land in Bukit Gasing with a gross development value (GDV) of RM300 million.

[email protected] Park Bangsar is made up of two 27-storey blocks comprising 408 condominium units and 18 units of 2½-storey villas.

The condo units have built-ups from 1,019 to 2,528 sq ft and the villas at 3,295 sq ft. Prices start from RM500,000 for the condos while the villas are priced from RM2.3 million to RM3.7 million.

Amona group general manager Che Hasnadi Che Hassan said the good take-up rate shows existing appetite in the market.

"The general notion might be that it is fairly saturated. However, our sales show otherwise, so we are happy. We strongly believe the location is a key feature of the development as it is centralised and close to major business activities as well as several big entertainment outlets," he added.

Earthworks are 50% under way and Amona expects the development to be completed in 1Q15.
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