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[SCALE] Burj Khalifa made of soda cans :):)

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Burj Khalifa made of more than 4000 /0.330ml/ soda cans :):)

Hi guys,

Since being new to the forum please accept my appologies if i have posted in the wrong section:bash::cheers:

Saw some awesome stuff and just wanted to share what me and a friend a mine are currently working on. My daughter being a huge fan of the Mighty Burj Khalifa wanted me to build a replica for her, and this, at first glance, far-fetched undertaking sort of takes shape recently - and the whole project is consisting of soda cans only ( glued of course ):):)

And the Burj Khalifa at a scale of 1:100 ( currently being re-scaled to 1:80, which would break the 10 meter mark once finished ) is only just the beginning of an i-will-do-this-my-whole-life project we have named "Skyscraper Can City".

Hope you enjoy it - current Can Count is around about 1600 - needed will be just a little more than 4200 0.330ml soda cans.

CHEERS:cheers: and a Happy New One to everyone
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Thanks, KNR :)
Indeed - rather sooner than later it will have to, since the deck of my garage is at about 2.5 meters ( 8 feet ) and we are currently at around about 2 meters with Khalifa. 6 more tiers or so and the "thing" will have to "leave" :)
But we are still at a stage where it can be disassembled and reassembled again :)

Yet - Freedom Tower and Willis Tower are scheduled to start racing for the skies in the next couple of months, too, so it will become damn tight in the garage. And given the fact that the final height of Can-Khalifa would rise to 10.36 meters... We will see. We are planing to start with "cladding" (painting it) within the next couple of weeks, too, so shall you stay being interested - just stay tuned.

EDIT : Just got the 1:80 scale blueprint finally completed - 4271 cans it will be :)

Cheers and have a great 2k18 ahead :):banana::cheers:
Just got Level 15 (corresponding to Level 30 in real life) finished and it looks sooo spacy :):)

Can count - 1816 / Current height - 1.73 meters

Having level 16 completed would surpass me (exactly 6 feet ), too:):)

And when the next update comes we will have broken the 2000 can mark :)

Stay tuned :):banana:
A first-timer with a 3D software - so please do not kill the renderer striaght away :) Shall my laptop get to grips with more than 18 levels ( 90 in total ) - i will have also the finalized render posted. N-joy :)

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Got to Level 45 rendered... yet i think this would be the end end of the road for now with regards to rendering - lappy has simply being forced to its knees...:bash::eek:hno:

Removed almost half of the stuffing inside and VOILA :banana:

The whole render + the current status build-in and it is even levitating :)

Next stop - 2000 !:cheers:
"Can City" #2 already in the pipeline...:banana::cheers:

4979 cans it will consume

And into the light :) Cladding starts next. Current can count - 2100.

@Skyscrapers144 - Thanks, mate. Appreciate it. Could 've gone even higher, but it would "eat" away all cans for the Willis Tower afterwards :):)

@Bond James Bond - I sure did ... not. JB :) But all colleagues are contributing big time :)
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Elvis will be leaving the building very soon indeed, Moudaex :) We are yet to finalize a deal with a shopping mall over here, where we would be able to exhibit it once finished. Thanks for the wishes :)
And just from another angle 'cause it looks so damn spacy :):)

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Even remote support is already half the job done :)

Thanks bbm16 - appreciate it, mate:cheers::cheers::banana:
Finally - "cladding" under way.. Would be a lot af experementing though before we get the desired looks... Can count - 2319. N-joy :cheers::cheers:

And the "night" version ....

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Sepia looks pretty much like it nails the desired final color sheme.... And when finally getting rid of the coke font of course :)

It took a while - but we got to the ceiling :):) Can count - 2503.
Current height 2.30 meters, height core section 2.42 meters

Next stop - Elvis leaving the building :)

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No big deal - still glad it caught your attention anyway :):)
This very moment when Elvis leaves :):) took almost an year, but it was always wrth doing :):)

Can count 2720 ( unfortunatelly not all parts assembled, due to no ladder around :):)

Yet - Core section already at 3.11 meters ( hope to have it assembled during the weekend and post it ) here shown at "just" 2.64 meters. :banana::banana::banana:

Almost forgot... WTC ( North Tower ) already rising elsewhere - current can count 448 a 0.500 ml ... 4500 required anf further 4464 for the South Tower

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Well, KNR - we started on our own ( 2 crazy folks ), but as soon as the word was spread in the office, everyone started to "donate". There are tons of recycling projects, but very few with regards to Upcycling..and for sure the only one having World's Tallest as a target, so... ):)

Last but not least - all kids are going nuts when they see it rising day by day. So my neighbours are now part of the building ( drinking ) process, too... :):)
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Seems like WTC would rise much faster than BK....No complaints though :) Beer time :cheers::cheers:


Khalifa at 2926 Cans. Green is the new Red :):)

WTC 1 at 670 cans within just 50 days... took almost 3 months to get there with BK...

More to follow soon. N-joy :):banana::banana:
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