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[SCALE] Burj Khalifa made of soda cans :):)

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Burj Khalifa made of more than 4000 /0.330ml/ soda cans :):)

Hi guys,

Since being new to the forum please accept my appologies if i have posted in the wrong section:bash::cheers:

Saw some awesome stuff and just wanted to share what me and a friend a mine are currently working on. My daughter being a huge fan of the Mighty Burj Khalifa wanted me to build a replica for her, and this, at first glance, far-fetched undertaking sort of takes shape recently - and the whole project is consisting of soda cans only ( glued of course ):):)

And the Burj Khalifa at a scale of 1:100 ( currently being re-scaled to 1:80, which would break the 10 meter mark once finished ) is only just the beginning of an i-will-do-this-my-whole-life project we have named "Skyscraper Can City".

Hope you enjoy it - current Can Count is around about 1600 - needed will be just a little more than 4200 0.330ml soda cans.

CHEERS:cheers: and a Happy New One to everyone
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Seems like I accidentally voted garbage :(

My bad :picard:

great effort bro keep it up :eek:kay:
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