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Hello, today I was visiting a very interesting exibition in St. Peters church, Riga - Scale model of the City of Riga. Right Here a lot of photos. Enjoy! Panorama Plaza, Astra-Lux and Solaris are out of model range.

Riga City, Maskavas district

Academy of Science building and in background - Central Market of the Riga City.

A view to Kipsala district from north

Hansabanka Central Offices. Former name ''Sun Stone''. Highest building in Latvia.

more closer

Zakusala with TV Tower and TV Building. Here after five years will be located our ''Las Vegas''.

Our new buisness area - Skanstes district. From left to right - Rietumu Capital Centre, Skanstes - Virsotnes and Krajbanka building.

Arena Riga

''Ziemeļu rajons'' - ''Bralu'' grave and Mezaparks.

Kipsala island: Z-Towers already U/C, Preses House, Hansabanka Central Building and ''Da Vinci'' project


Old City, the most beautiful part of this model

Madonas street highrises in Purvciems

Kliversala, nothing new, just old factory building

Slokas and Kalnciema street corner

Centra Nams Ministry of Agriculture building, Parex Bank

Dzirciems, Pardaugava - away from Centre

Andrejsala, a lot of quality projects in this district are proposed

''Duntes Ozoli'' residential project

Reval Hotel Latvia

VEF Kulturas Pils and LMT Office centre on right side Hanner project (currently U/C). But I can't see it!

Just an interesting building in Teika

Latvian TV building versus Academy of Science. What do you think, who is higher? An Answer: no one. That defect of model or it is inaccurate. TV Building has height about 10cm (in model) and AoS has it too. :eek:hno:

Latvian TV Tower. Height more than 360m. One of the highest free standing structures in Europe

Single church. Anybody knows where it is?


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1. The "interesting building in Teika" is Vidzemes Priekšpilsētas izpilddirekcija (don't know how to translate it in english)

2. The church from the last picture:
It's Svētās Trijādības church on Meža street, here is a small visual help:

3. I found some small details that are wrong here. It's in the old Railway car factory (now owned by Elkor). It's near Elkor Plaza on Brīvības and Vairoga street corner. I just know this place so good cuz I work there for a year.

A. Wrong place for the chimney, and a water tower on the other side of the next bulding (a bit more to the upper side if pic) is missing
B and C. Demolished buildings for more then 2 years.
D. There are no trees there ... the buildings are connected.
And where's Hanner????

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I LOVE the model! Which all cities had 'em. Only seen the Stockholm and Riga ones so far, but next time I'm in NYC... /the model is out in Queens and covers ALL of NYC.

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Really like scale models of cities and this one was really nice!

A bit odd though, I must say, that the entire city looked like it had been flooded ;)

Can't help it but that was a bit fun! :)
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