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Scenes from my city .... Riga, Latvia

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In the school I always was asleep,
I couldn`t understand,
Why must I sit here 10 years in a row?
Now 10 more years are gone,
The question hasn`t still found an answer.
My choise was clear,
Before some time,
When I ran with friends between the houses,
Now the place is covered with asphalt,
people put their cars on it.
copyright S`T`A - Labais Puika (Good Boy)
Latvia - School

The honor of the Soviet Union

The life behind a wall

Bus stop

The Light corner

Dzelzavas street - My street

The road of past

Cold music

Always going up

Private proporty

21st corpuss

Purvciems 3 (Finaly home)

Who`s taller?

5 floor buildings morning

Buy 2, pay for 5

Life at night

The lonely morning

The long way

Light in the darkness

Road to nowhere (My city)

Night is here

The last light


Sun says Hello

The road is calling

Without use


The night



Sun is hiding

9 and 5 floors


Darkness in the city

Modern suns

Winter lights

All picture copyright 2004-2005 Hybrid 87
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Here's some advice: use a tripod, or a sterdy surface.

Overall, alright pics. :)
All pics were meant to be like they are ... some shaked and blured
Look like Ukraine, but I'm not sure what city. Probably Luhansk or something.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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