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Scenes on our Waterways

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The majority of Australian cities are located on rivers, lakes and harbours which provide a breathtaking natural setting for our buildings and city life. A lot of life actually occurs on our waters and it is often overlooked.

Let's see some of the action on the water-ways from around Australia! Post anything, from battleships, to cruisers, to liners, yachts, ferries, tug-boats, speedboats - even humble dingys! :)

Here are some of mine from around Sydney's Harbour :cheers:

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The Gold Coast Broadwater

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St Kilda Pier

By fabianamuso at 2012-05-31
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The Gold Coast Broadwater

Considering the amount of rain we've had lately, I don't understand why there are dry patches on that grass :nuts:
I think they are old photos. Soul and Hilton are barely visible on the skyline :p
Amazing pictures

Really amazing pictures in this post. I loved them.

Great pics. I always stay at Labrador when on GC. Amazing views over the Broadwater towards Main Beach and Surfers.
A very tame Bremer River at Ipswich.

By fabianamuso at 2012-08-14
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