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School trip to: Brussels!

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Me and my school mates went to a school trip to Belgium in the last days of April. I confess that I didn´t know much about Belgium but i absolutely loved the country and i hope come back soon! Especially to Antwerp that was my favourite city :)

First night we stayed in a hotel in Brussels centre because we had to get up early to our visit to the European Parliament (main visit goal). The other 2 nights we stayed in Thuin and from there we visited Antwerp, Brugge and Gent.

The pics you´ll see are from Brussels, from the European Parliament and other buildings. Sorry the rush and sometimes the quality of the trip...tight´s problems :bash:

Okay let´s start in Delirium Cafe :D Cellphone quality as you can see

European Council

European Comission


Rush hour!

Galeries St. Hubert

Galerie De La Reine

Almost there...

Town Hall - Cellphone quality

An awesome 2 minutes scottish show :D

This guy gave a hell of a show :lol: ...then he came back right on time for his beer :D

The guy from the left is very nice :) Tintin up there!

Make a wish ;)

<-- ID :D

Hope you liked it :)
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Thanks for the tour! You covered areas that I didn't go to, thanks for posting :)

Looks like you had a good time.
Very nice shots, a good mix of new and old. Also, you nicely captured the gradient in the underground, something I've never noticed in an underground train network before. :)
Very nice photos; thanks for the tour :eek:kay:
The quality isn't thàt bad. Not at all, most are very good.
We don't often see photo's taken in the European quarter here.
Thanks for sharing, glad you liked our country! :)
Thanks :)

And yes, one of the main reasons to make this thread were the Parliament pics :D
One great school trip! :eek:kay:
Thanks for the tour, you don't see too much pictures from the European Parliament around here. :)
ó Andre, so vi estre thread hoje... Foi-me bastante nostalgico! nao fazes ideia..
Foi pela Alcaides que foste a bruxelas nao foi? tambem fiz essa tour... uma semana, com tudo pago: Bruxelas, Paris, Nantes, Biarritz e Madrid!!

Ai se pudesse aproveitar tudo de novo... :p
Boa Fotoreportagem
^^Lembrei-me de pôr isto na assinatura :D

Yup, fui pela Alcaides.
Eu fiz um Tour pela Bélgica :D Fantástico! Não foi tudo pago (apesar do subsidio da UE e "patrocinios :D)...mas só se recebeu a factura umas semanas depois porque os professores pagavam as viagens de comboio e depois acertavamos contas...mas valeu bem a pena a centena de euros por esta semaninha.

Confesso que não esperava grande coisa da Bélgica, mais por não conhecer, e achei fantástica. Pena não ter fotos das outras cidades :(

Até andei em carrinhas da policia belga e tudo :lol: se quiseres saber pormenores depois avisa ;)
^ Já que estão a falar português..

Parabéns pelo thred, belas fotos, a Bélgica é um país ofuscado mundialmente, pouco conheço dela mas é sem dúvidas um belo pedacinho na europa, gostaria de conhecer.

Please write English. This is the international section.
^^won´t happen again :D
Great trip to the land of chocolate!:D Thanks.
I liked the piece of art displayed above. France is always on strike, Spain has covered the whole country with concrete with its hasty development, and Italy is perpetually thinking or playing football. I didn't understand the other ones very well.
^^I didn´t know but a teacher told me that when that piece appeared had a lot of bad feedback. Well I can tell you about Portugal´s one. The pieces of meat above the country have the shape of our ex-colonies...see the irony?

The chocolates are indeed great Krika :D
Yeah, it was all over the news, firstly because of some depictions of countries that made some people cross, secondly because this piece of art was supposed to be done by artists from different EU countries, the Czech author basically lied and did the job himself, a great job in fact.
Very nice photos. Brussels is a beautiful city, clean and safe.
I lived there for 2 years and I can confirm it.
^^ Glad to read that Giusever67! Welcome in the Skyscrapercityworld!
Where did you live before?

Images of Brussels
beautiful thread for Brussels....more pics please.:)
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