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Anyone heard anything about this?

Science & Technology park Zvezdara

Today, science parks are one of the most important driving forces of technological progress. The achievement of new scientific and technological results and their quick application in the economy, together with a keen sense for market demand, are imperatives strictly obeyed in the developed world, but ones witch should also by countries striving for faster technological progress.

Science parks are, essentially, models of grouping and concentrating research in certain areas of great interest to the economy. The concentration of scientific potential on one site and coordinated efforts in carrying out large -scale and complex research projects, with direct involvement of research projects, with direct involment of research project, with direct involvement pf research personnel from institutes, scientists from university departments and industry staff, are prerequisites for the generation and doffusion of new materials and processes.

For a long time we trough that we need no wisdom to work. And we didn't work wisley! We can now no longer works as if we had thrown wisdom to the wind! For all our wise men have gone into the world! And he whose wisdom is at large, has a house full of foolishness!*

The completion of the Science and Technology Park “Zvezdara” presents a medium-yield, low-risk investment opportunity in creating a high-tech office space in the most attractive part of Belgrade, Serbia. The main focus of the Park is ICT (information and communication technology) and bio-tech. The Phase I of the park comprises 5 buildings and 12,500 sq-m and the total Park would be 25 buildings and 100,000 sq-m including apartment-style hotel.

The Phase I investment is € 7.5M with a return of 12% p.a. for 10 years, 1st year grace. The Ministry of Science, Technology and Development is currently engaged in pre-lease agreement discussions with several anchor tenants that are the world leader software MNCs. One of the buildings of Phase 1 is earmarked as an incubator facility active in the ICT and bio-tech and will be fully funded by the Serbian Government.

The project underwriters are the Government of Serbia (through its Ministry of Science, Technology and Development) and City of Belgrade for whom the Park Zvezdara represents one of the strategic beacons supporting the high-tech R&D and innovation policy. Several exploitation models are to be entertained: co-ownership, concession or a BOT variant.

••a pioneering undertaking
The Park is the first undertaking of this kind, not only in Belgrade and Serbia, but in Yugoslavia as well. As there was no Yugoslav experience to rely on, the concept of the Park is an attempt to synthesize the positive experiences of the developed countries (USA, Britain, France, Germany) in the concentration of research activities in this way.

••area disposition
The “Zvezdara” Park is named after the woodland park and hill on which it is sityated. It is hard to imagine a more favourable position: the site is just 2.5 km from the very centre of Belgrade, and 2-3 km from the proposed Belgrade free trade zone (Belgrade-Pancevo-Smederevo). It is surrounded by a green oasis – one of Belgrade’s preserved nature spots. Covering an area of 200 hectares.

More specifiecally, this complex will be located in a former brickworks pit, on a plateau of anthropogenic origin, which, cutting ino the Zvezdara hillside, represented the boundary between building developments and the woodland park. Hence one of the key starting assumptions of the urbanistic—architectural solution: all elements, buildings, terrain preparation, etc. must be such as to heal this degradation and achieve a sfumato transition from a green to highly urbanized area, preserving at the same time the exising view and the “whole-Belgrade-within-sight” impression as much as possible.

••Planned capacities
It is planned that the Science & Technology Park will cover 21 hectares, with the south zone occupying 9 hectares and the northern zone 12 hectares. The construction of the following units is planned: about 40 R&D buildings, comprising a total gross area of 150,000 m2, a hotel with 300-400 beds, intended primarily to accommodate guests, visiting personnel and students, service facilltces (bank, post office, shops, restaurants, kindergarten, etc), and numerous sports and recreation grounds. Everything will be surrounded by a sea of greenery extending through the whole site and connecting it with the western Zvezdara hillside. Hence the idea that R&D units should not be concentrated in one or two large buildings, but dispersed in a number of smaller ones interconnected by transparent covered walkways, with reflecting glass as principal fagade material, in order to return to the environment its rich green image.


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Key word - Yugoslavia - that means OLD NEWS!!!
I don't know where have you found this, it's the first time I see these renderings. Anyway that was the project started in SFRJ. The construction even started and now outside Zvezdara forest concrete structures of these buildings are located, and in the past 10 years they became covered with all sorts of weeds, and are infamous for sesions of some cults, junkies etc. There's nothing going on there for years, and the future of this location is still unknown.
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