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Scotland - the country of William Wallace

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There is no doubt that Scotland has some of the best preserved examples of historic architectural gems. From the great castles and palaces in the beautiful scottish highlands to the old town and castle hill in Edinburgh.

2014 will be one of the most important years in scottish history. In july and august the XX Commonwealth Games will take place in Glasgow and in september the whole country will go to the ballots to vote on independence from the United Kingdom and Great Britain.

Welcome to the country of William Wallace and home of the Whiskey!

Edinburgh, the capital




Scottish highlands
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I approve this thread. :) More pictures please!
Beautiful. Edinburgh is a gem.:cheers:
Thank you, Oslo2022, for the splendid photo of my alma mater (in the second Glasgow picture).

At the risk of appearing pedantic, the spelling "whiskey" generally refers to Irish whiskey, and bourbon whiskey in the USA (usually). In Scotland, when referring to Scotch whisky, the spelling "whisky " is always used.
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Some photos I took when I was up the west coast.

View when pulling the car over enroute to Ullapool from Inverness.

Loch Broom from Ullapool harbour.

Early morning mist rising off Loch Ness.

Sailing onto Loch Ness.

View from Anoach Mor (on the Nevis Range )

and again...this time looking at Fort William and the Great Glen.
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Beautifull! Looks like Nova Scotia in Canada by landscape!
Greetings back to Mother Country!
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