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Scranton, PA Tour (March 2009)

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On the way home from Philadelphia on my March 2009 NYC/Philly trip, the Greyhound bus stopped in Scranton, PA at night time, and I just had to get some pictures of the city that the NBC comedy "The Office" has made popular.

Scranton is a city of 75,000 located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, part of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Metro area, with a population of over 500,000.

Most of these pictures are taken in the downtown area of the city...

I didn't have my tripod with me, so I apologize for some of the blurriness, but for not having a tripod, the pictures turned out pretty good I thought.

Penn Furniture Building

Scranton State Office Building

Marquee Cinemas Downtown

The Mall of Steamtown

Inside the Steamtown Mall

Dunder Mifflin Sign, from "The Office"

Scranton sign, seen in the opening credits of "The Office".

Scranton Times Building

Court House

What appears to be an old railroad station

Scranton Life Building

Penn Paper Building

St. Peter's Cathedral

Theatre Downtown (looks like a night club/bar by the advertisements)

Hope you all enjoyed. Scranton's a cool city!!!
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Sigh, you went to the city with one of the nation's best railroad museums and skipped it altogether?
^ It was night time, it was probably closed. :)
Nice pictures. Scranton looks pretty good at night, which I wouldn't have really guessed.

For some reason, I have a feeling that you already showed your Scranton pictures. Oh well, other places need to get shown anyway, so an honest mistake is fine.
Wow, nice tour of Scranton. I have driven past it on I-81, and even stopped there on the greyhound, several times but never got a good look at the place. So thanks for this! Your first pics made me think this was a very dismal place, but then the later ones made it look really cool and certainly worth another look.
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I'd like photos of Schrute Farms next time please.
Definitely. I have a hankering for some beets right about now.

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Seriously, though, I've passed through Scranton a few times and really liked it. Was one of the places I was looking to relocate to when living in NH was driving me insane. Doesn't have much of a job market though, at least not then.
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^ It was night time, it was probably closed. :)
Fair enough. Great photos regardless.
Matt, no I didn't show my Scranton pictures, I posted them on Facebook, though. Maybe that's where you have it confused.

Yeah, Scranton actually looks pretty nice, even at night time. Some of the lights downtown serve "The Electric City" well. A friend of mine actually visited Scranton, and I should maybe do the same sometime. Then maybe I could see that railroad museum you mentioned, ir desi. :)
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Yeah, Facebook must've been where I saw them.
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