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SDA 2006

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I see that good looks are certainly not one of the criteria for SDA Architect of the Year! (photos prospect p10)

Edinburgh v's Glasgow.

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Hmmm, I think you'll find Richard Murphy isn't even Scottish.....
Momus said:
Hmmm, I think you'll find Richard Murphy isn't even Scottish.....


You can take the piss out of RM but he has done a lot for Scottish Architecture.
He took the piss out himself when he knelt down in front of O'Donnell + Tuomey at the Stirling Prize Awards dinner and begged forgiveness from the whole of the Scottish nation when they awarded the prize to the Scottish Parliament....
God. I'd forgotten all about that Momus.
No doubt you're a pretty good looking bloke yourself ed? :)
Really? That's so... weird.
And RM is a man who loves his white render...
RM might be very arrogant but his practises architecture has affected a whole generation of Architects.

The only thing that makes GM a big architect is the size of his tummy!

GM+AD also have also been known to do white render architecture!
Don't actually think there's much in it, in the tummy stakes Ed, in fact we're all putting on the beef............ as we get older.

You seem to have it in for Gordon Ed, I've noticed a number of postings where you've made really quite detrimental personal remarks, don't know why that is myself ?

I agree with you I think Richard Murphy is a committed and talented architect, one of a number in Edinburgh but there's no need to be quite so personal surely, what has his weight got to do with anything?
and not that I really want to get into it, I mean vote for who you like.
Gargh! Not a looker among em!
I dont particularly care what Murphy is like as a person, i rather like his work. It suffers as it gets bigger, the fine detail doesnt translate, but with the right building he has a sensitivity that few architects in Scotland (if any) can match and whether he is arrogant or not his work has a lack of ego that some supposed big name architects would do well to learn from. He certainly got my vote.
crusty_bint said:
Gargh! Not a looker among em!
:lol: fantastically random, Krusty.... (see what I did there...:happy: )
hehe I see you Davie ;) Lighten up folks! Everyones got so serious these days ...go peacefully amongst the things...

I've been thinking about us and white render ed, the only project that I can recall where we've used it is at Edinburgh Park, where the pallette was alraedy set, is this what you mean?

well well..........outofchaosthebutlerdidit, why does your voting preference not surprise me at all.

Crusty, you've taken this too far, funny.......... but too far :)
how did Murphy and Murray end up on the short list?

anyone know how the SDA shortlisting process works?
the other categories:

Architecture Grand Prix
Sponsored by Corus

To be announced 26th May

Chairman’s Award for Architecture
Sponsored by Arup

To be announced 26th May

Architect of the Year
Sponsored by Glasgow City Council

Gordon Murray – Gordon Murray + Alan Dunlop

Richard Murphy – Richard Murphy Architects

Young Architect of the Year (U-35)
Sponsored by Clydebank Rebuilt

Gillian Hanley – Oliver Chapman Architects

Catriona McReynolds – RMJM

Best Regeneration Project

Gordon Murray + Alan Dunlop – JKS Workshops

Best Residential Project
Sponsored by Scope Bathroom Interiors

Paterson Architects – Three Seton Mains

Richard Murphy Architects – Dean Bank Lane

Best Affordable Housing Project

Ayrshire Housing – Seabank Girvan

Oliver Chapman Architects – Berwickshire Housing Association – Wellfield

Best Commercial Project
Sponsored by Pilkington Building Products

UK Michael Laird Architects – Royal Bank of Scotland HQ

Best Building for Public Use
Sponsored by BRE

Building Design Partnership – Horsecross – Perth Concert Hall

LDN Architects – St Mary’s Metropolitan Cathedral Community Centre

NORD Architects – Destiny Church

Richard Murphy Architects – Galeri Caernarfon

Best Publicly Funded Building

Page\Park Architects – University of Dundee – Queen Mother Building

Best Re-use of a Listed Building
Sponsored by Historic Scotland

Patience and Highmore Architects – The Sipp Group/The Corn Exchange Co./Navyblue Design – Corn Exchange

ZM Architecture – Colin Beattie – Oran Mor

Best Interior

Michael Laird Architects – Royal Bank of Scotland – Main Street

Northern Exposure
Sponsored by Highlands & Islands Enterprise

Page\Park Architects – Maggies Cancer Caring Centres – Maggies Inverness


JM Architects – Clydebank Rebuilt – ClydebankPublic Realm Phase 1

Place Making Award
Sponsored by City of Edinburgh Council

Reiach and Hall Architects/Oberlanders Architects – AMA (New Town) Ltd – St Vincent Place

Proposed Place Making Award
Sponsored by City of Edinburgh Council

Graeme Massie Architects – Kristjan Thor Juliusson – Vision Akureyri

Reiach and Hall Architects/Elder & Cannon Architects – Upper Strand Developments Ltd – Upper Strand

Terry Farrell & Partners – Whiteness Property Company – Whiteness

Student Place Making Prize
Sponsored by City of Edinburgh Council

Graham Ross Designs for Dumfries
aland said:
well well..........outofchaosthebutlerdidit, why does your voting preference not surprise me at all.
Glad you have realised i am a man of taste and good judgement Mr Sock ;)
don't quite get this, is it the taking of the "P" that's funny?

The judging panel makes up the list of awards and probably also the architect of the year from a shortlist.

As for the Awards, I'm furious that our low budget JKS Workshops in Clydebank are not also included in the best commercial category. Think it could have given the RBS a real run for it's millions.

Maybe that's why, they've also taken the "p"?

This was sent to me on Wednesday by a friend in the U.S.

Gay Community in Boston obviously knows a good building when it sees it too.
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